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First time taking all the girls to the doctor for a shot

babies at doctor So the other day, we had an appointment for a “quick” Synergis shot for the girls. Quick is a funny word to use when you have quadruplets! Nothing is ever quick! Synergis is a shot that helps the girls to fight off RSV if, Heaven forbid, they were to get it.

First off, we are extremely exhausted as it is and trying to load up 4 girls in their car seats and switch all their equipment over to the portable oxygen and monitors is exhausting as it is! In the craziness that is our lives we forgot to have someone come over with a second car to help us! See, we don’t have a car big enough to carry our whole family yet! Luckily, in a mad panic, I was able to call my good friend Sam and she let us borrow her car to take the girls in. Thanks Sam, you’re the best!

By the time we got everyone loaded up in the car we were all ready for a nap. haha but the worst wasn’t over. We got to the doctors office, which by the way they are amazing, they see us on their lunch break hour so that we don’t have to take the girls in when any one else is there. They also bring us through the back door so we don’t take the girls through the waiting room. That is super nice and puts my crazy germ freak mind at ease! We carried them up one by one with awesome Nurse Brenda’s help and got started.

*unload all babies
*take car seats out of the exam room because we need more space.
*untangle babies
*undress all 4 babies down to their diaper
*carry oxygen and apnea monitor to scale and weigh babies
*back to room
*untangle babies
*Nurse does vitals
*dress babies leaving right leg out for shot
*babies start screaming, it’s time to eat again
*feed babies
*nurse gives shots
*even more sad screaming
*mommy cries too
*cuddle babies
*untangle babies
*finish feeding
*burp all 4 babies
*change diapers
*finish dressing
*load back up in car seats
*nurse grabs other nurse to help carry down
*load babies, oxygen, monitors back into car
*drive home
*unload all babies, oxygen and monitors into house
*take babies out of car seat
*switch oxygen back over to large tanks
*swaddle babies
*put to bed
*give all babies Tylenol for pain
*move car seats out of living room
*take Sam back her car

I’m tired again just from thinking about it again! I think that we are going to be in Heaven when we get all these oxygen cords and monitors out of our house! It will make loading them up for Doctor appointments seem easy! It will be so nice to just load up the babies in the car seats and GO!

Now this was just a “quick” shot. Next time we go it will be for their 4 month check up and that is when the real craziness will start with the actual doctor doing an exam on them and then they will all get more shots!

We are so blessed to have such sweet babies. They never are too fussy after their shots. I am so thankful for Tyson for always being able to help me out and for our awesome family and friends who come to our rescue all the time. I couldn’t do any of it without them all!

The girls have their pulse ox test on Monday and we hope to at least have a few of them get off the oxygen and monitors. Say a prayer that at least 2 pass!! The results will be read on Tuesday (St. Patrick’s Day) and we are hoping for the luck of the Irish this day!