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First Trip To The ER

So yesterday was a wonderful day that quickly turned into our worst nightmare! 

We spoke in church  yesterday and it went so well, we were so relieved that it was finally over and then we had some fun family time with Tyson’s family before his sister (who lives in Canada) goes back home.

We came home and started our bedtime routine. First bath time and then dressing the girls. We went out into the hall to let them play in their rooms like usual and we were all having a great time. This is when the disaster struck










Daddy went into the bathroom to get their toothbrushes and when we do that all the girls crowd that door waiting for you to come back out. Tyson opened the door and started pushing his way out the door ushering all the girls away from the opening. He quickly shuts the door to prevent anyone from darting into the bathroom and then notices all the girls scattered except for Scarlett. He looks down at her and her little pinky finger was slammed in the hinge side of door! He screams and opens the door and GUSH….blood starts going everywhere.

He was screaming so loud which startled all the other girls and they all started screaming. Scarlett was screaming the most awful blood curdling scream I have ever heard. I came running out to see what happened and I see blood everywhere and I was horrified when I was the tip of her finger literally hanging by a thread.

I went into panic mode and momentarily froze… didn’t know what to do. My mind was racing. Where was my phone?  We need to go to the hospital…what am I going to do with my three hysterical babies? 

Tyson yells for me to go grab a cold wet rag for her hand and I took off running. Tyson was holding her hand up and calling everyone on his speed dial to get someone down here with the other three. No one was answering their phones no one… we were on our own.









I ran out with the wet rag and Tyson handed her to me and kept calling everyone. I was hysterical …In hind site I did not handle that well but my emotions took over my body. I didn’t want my sweet baby girl to be in pain. I was hurting so bad for her. 

I ran downstairs with her and I was about to run to my neighbors house to get them to sit here till we could get Aunt Madison and Grandma down here. But everything was happening so fast. Next thing I know Tyson had scooped up all three girls and said…


I have never seen someone throw 3 babies in the car seats and buckle them so fast. I jumped in with Scarlett and we were off like a bat out of hell! 

His family finally answered and he yelled at them to meet us at the hospital.

Tyson was getting us to the hospital so fast honking and yelling at everyone going 20 MPH in front of us, I was hysterically crying, poor Scarlett was screaming this awful horrific scream of shock and all the babies were screaming.

When we pulled up to the ER Uncle Drake, Uncle Garrison, Uncle Oakland and Aunt Madison were standing at the door waiting for us. Madison was bawling her eyes out. Drake opened my door and I ran into the ER so fast. Tyson turned the keys over to Madison, Oakland and Garrison to get the other three back home, calmed down and into bed and he and Uncle Drake ran inside to be with us. 

They rushed us back to a room where we would wait a very long wait. They were so busy last night and Daddy was not happy about that. 

It is an awful feeling when your child is so badly hurt and you can’t fix it with a kiss and a snuggle. My heart was breaking and I just wanted her pain to stop NOW! No child should have to feel pain like that. I just kept thinking ‘She has been though enough trauma in the NICU when she came into this world doesn’t need to feel this too!”

She was screaming so loud and I felt so bad for her and honestly for all those in the rooms around us. I know that if they are in the ER they aren’t feeling great either and they are listening to a hysterical baby and mama. 










Uncle Garrison helped Madison and Oakland get the girls in the house and quickly grabbed a diaper, wipes, extra pjs, blankets and binkies and rushed back to the hospital where he would stay by our side the rest of the night.

Its true what they say about twins, sweet Evie was for sure feeling her sissy’s pain. Grandma and Aunty told us when we got home that she was just crying so much and wouldn’t go to sleep. At times she was even pulling on her own little finger almost like she knew what was happening to her sissy. No thanks to thier parents the poor babies were so traumatized.

What seemed like an eternity the mediacal staff came in about 30 minutes later and numbed her finger, she did not enjoy being held down nor the shot but I know she felt better after when she couldn’t feel it anymore although she was still pretty hysterical.










After the awful x-ray having to hold her hand down and watching the tip of her finger grotesquely dangling there was traumatic for everyone involved! After the x-ray they gave her a nose spray that helped to calm her down. When that kicked in we were all so relieved. She just laid there on her daddy while Uncle Garrison stood there with his phone tuned into Baby Einstein, Scarlett favorite show.   









Uncle Drake was not so happy about waiting so long and he kept going out into the hall and demanding answers. It was so sweet to see him so concerned for his sweet baby niece. 

We waited over an agonizing hour for them to come back in. In the mean time my parents rushed down there and when they walked in Scarlett just sat there with her little bandaged up hand waving at them with it. It was the cutest and saddest thing ever. Soon after, Aunt Rachael and Uncle Jack showed up to show their love as well.










The Doctor came in and confirmed that the bone looked good but he called it a “near amputation” which made my stomach churn. He seemed to think that the part that was still attached to her finger was still giving good blood flow and he would probably be able to just stitch her finger back on.

He stitched her tiny fingertip back on with only 8 stitches all while she just quietly laid there and watched. I laid beside her and held her while they were doing it. She attention would bounce between the doctors, me and her show.









He gave her fingernail a 50/50 chance. He said that the current fingernail would fall off and he wasn’t sure or not if one would ever come back or not. That is something we will just have to wait and see about. 









We are so happy that it wasn’t completely severed although it was pretty close. We are so thankful for our families who love this girl so much and are willing to rush down at a moments notice to take care of everything else so we could be with Scarlett together.

My parents took photos and videos when they felt it was appropriate otherwise there would be no pictures for you guys because that was the farthest thing from our mind. But we wanted to keep you guys updated and thank you all for your prayers and your concerns. It means so much to us to have such a huge army of support behind us especially in moments like this when we need it the most. You guys are amazing and we cannot thank you enough. 

Today Sweet Scarlett is acting totally fine. I am keeping up on her Ibuprofen and Tylenol to keep her pain level down. She just wants to run and play with the other girls. I have been so worried about her trying to rip the bandage off but she is completely leaving it alone. However, her sissies are concerned and curious about it. So we are having to keep a very close eye out to make sure they dont rip it off. The doctor said to keep her from bumping it as well which is hard with a busy 18 month old toddler. But we are doing our best.

I feel so sad for Tyson, he is really beating himself up over this and it wasn’t his fault. It was an accident and it could have happened to anyone. He feels like he just should have checked harder and done more. Everything happens so fast with multiples and there are so many everywhere that things like this are just bound to happen at some point. 

Here is the vlog for yesterday…. (nothing graphic in the video)



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