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FLASH BACK- Christmas Eve Last year- oh what a year can do!

Once again- I opened my favorite app today-TIMEHOP! And it was so fun to look back on Christmas Eve last year! Not only was it Christmas Eve but it was also my 29 week mark of being pregnant! 

Little did I know that I only had 4 days left until these sweet babies would change our lives forever! 

Hospital bedrest during the holidays for me was something I will cherish forever. We spent so much quality time together and all our families came to visit us! It was such a scary and exciting time for us. 

Santa came to visit…

My family came to visit me in the hospital that afternoon and we took some fun picture and my nieces and nephews too me on a wheel chair ride! They thought it was cool when I told them they were pushing 5 people in that wheelchair! 

Christmas this year will be so much different than last! I’m so excited from show my girls what Christmas is really about over their lifetime and excited to be spending it with family at my own home this year!