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For All The Haters, I Have A Message For You


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As you can imagine, putting yourself in the public eye opens a door for people to speak their minds freely. Most of what people put out there is good, respectful, and positive, and that is what feeds our interests. However, there are many out there who are miserable and want nothing more than the satisfaction of bringing somebody else down, hurting feelings, offending, or insulting. Unfortunately this is the world we live in, and although there is much good, there is also the bad.

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My message today is directly aimed at those who look to offend, hurt, insult, or bring any type of negativity into our lives. I hope you can understand where we are coming from!

  1. We love you- Through our trials, we have experienced many emotions, but one of the constants has been empathy. We know that every person is fighting a hard battle, never the same as anyone else, but hard just the same. We know that sometimes trials can lead to actions that are sometimes regretful. We also know that people in general are not perfect. We know this from personal experience! Although there are some who will say and do things that are not in harmony with our own beliefs or teachings, we forgive you and wish you the best! We want everyone to know of the unconditional love that we have been shown from our Father in Heaven. It is there for everyone!
  2. Our message is one of Hope and Faith- I think our story is pretty simple. We have our four miracles because of our Faith in our Father in Heaven. He is omnipotent. He is our creator. He always has our best interest at heart, and will show us truths through our trials and experiences. Through the bad, we will come to know the good. My own experiences have taught me this hard lesson thoroughly! It took me a little longer than Ashley to see the light through the trees, but it was always there. Through our faith and understanding of our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ, we have come to know that our trials played a huge role in our successes. Without them, we would not know the good. We would not understand the good. We would not know the miracles that we have been blessed with, plain and simple. On that note, there is nothing in this world or the next that would ever deter or alter our faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
  3. Negativity brings Opportunity- Although there are many instances of negativity on our social feeds, in our emails, and in the world in general, we see these actions as opportunities to stand and deliver a message. Our reaction to this negativity puts something back into the world. The choice is ours. We can let it breed hate and contaminate our lives, or we can respond with love, empathy, and an understanding that with that negativity in the world, we will not add to it. I encourage all of our followers to do the same. How we respond to the negative is our true test. It may not be rewarding in the moment, but it will be rewarding in the end.
  4. Our Family is Built on Jesus Christ- Jesus Christ is our savior. He is the savior of the world. He is the only perfect human being to have lived in this life. He is our example and our brother. Our goal as a family is to emulate his example to all those we come in contact with, whether is be in person, or through our social media channels. We do not judge anyone, as we are not perfect. We love unconditionally, as we know life comes with trials and errors. We believe in hope, faith, charity and especially love. This should be evident as this has been what has been shown to us relentlessly!!!!! We believe we have a mission in this life. It was given from above. We wont let anything stand in the way of that mission.

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Although there is hate and negativity in the world, we choose not to participate in those endeavors. We choose to stand for something else. We believe in something more. We have faith that the good will overcome the bad. We know that through our example, and yours, we can make a difference in the world. We don’t know what that difference will be today, but we know it will be positive!

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Thank you to all those who have been relentlessly positive and loving on our page, in your emails, calls, and messages. We love and appreciate you all, and feel a unity and bond with you. You are family.


For those of you looking for that bond and unity, we are here, welcoming you with open arms. That will never change!