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Furnishing and Decorating The Girls Rooms!

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This past week has been so much fun working on house projects around here! We’ve finally got to the project that we’ve been waiting to finish for quite a while now; The Girls Bedrooms! Its been a process not only because we’ve been so busy, but mostly because we couldn’t make up our minds!

The girls got to go shopping with us and we got their opinions on all things for their rooms! This made all of the shopping and decorating so much fun, because their eyes were just as lit up as mommy’s! They looked at beds, tested the mattresses, picked out blanket colors, and picked a theme for their rooms! So much fun for all the girls in the house. Dad was pretty excited too!

Although shopping and decorating can be fun, we had to take down the old beds and clean out their rooms first! This was the boring part of the process, but I was happy to take that task and let Ashley and the girls have their fun!

It only took me a couple of hours to get the old beds taken down. For me, this wasn’t just a simple task, it was emotional. These were the first beds the girls ever had. They slept in these beds with their apnea monitors and oxygen cords. They held their first bottle in them. They imprinted their first teeth marks in them. They climbed into them and out of them for the very first time. Seeing them all torn apart at the end of my task got me feeling a little sad. Sad that they aren’t babies or toddlers anymore; they’re big girls now.

As sad as it is to see one door close, its always exciting to see another one open. If anything, the girls have taught us that each stage of life brings with it something magical and special, always bringing wonderful memories!

So here we are, stepping into the next stage of life with our beautiful miracles! If you haven’t watched todays vlog of them shopping for their beds, check it out below!

Stay tuned for the bedroom reveal vlog, as well as a new blog with all the fun pics! Love you all! Have a wonderful day!