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Gardner Family Fall Pictures 2016

I can’t express in words how much I love these photos! Loni always does an incredible job capturing our family, but there is just something about this session that has captured my heart. I love the fact that we will always be able to look back at these and remember this day, and remember these moments. Knowing that this is more than likely it for us, it is so special to be able to freeze-frame these moments in time and have them forever. I thank Loni for that. I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as we do!

Without a doubt, this is my favorite family picture to date!

This picture we are having blown up for each of the grandmas. Do you think they’ll like it?

Ashley and I rarely get photos together anymore because one of us is always behind the camera. That’s what makes this one so special.

Could I love this woman any more that I do? The answer is no.

Our beautiful wife and mother.

These pictures of mom and daughters are priceless!

I could stare at this one all day. Perfection. How did Loni capture this moment!!!!!!????

The Durls


Perfectly captures her personality!

Sitting Photo. These were the hardest to get. Can you imagine trying to contain 4 toddlers that only want to move and explore!! Hence the reason we let Scarlett keep her sticks she was collecting!

Bashful Scarlett

Sweet Evangeline

Innocent Indie

Energetic Esme

Capturing The Moment


I hope you enjoyed these beautifully captured photos that Loni did so well for us! Have a great weekend!


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