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Gardner Quad Squad Trivia!

The Durls
The Durls









Who knows the Gardner’s better than the rest! Round 2 of trivia starts now! Ill post the questions today, and the answers tomorrow! Lets see how you do!

How long have we been married?

How long did we struggle with infertility?

How old is Bentley?

What is Aunt Madison’s Nickname?

What Hair Band does Tyson say his Mom belongs in?

What were the other couples names on our show “Rattled” on TLC?

Who was your favorite couple from “Rattled”? LOL

What is our online business called?

What do we sell in our online shop?

How long was Ashley on bed rest with the girls?

What week did Ashley make it to in the pregnancy?

Who was the head Neonatologist who took care of our babies for 2 months in the NICU?

Who is the obvious Daddy’s girl?

Who is the obvious Mama’s girl?

Does Tyson love having all girls?










Ill post pics with all the answers in tomorrow blog! Make sure you check for that in the late afternoon! Love you all, have a great Friday Night!








Bonus Question: I have put a bonus question on our Business Instagram page. Search “A Miracle Unfolding” on Instagram, or click link below to find this question. First comment on this page with the right answer will win a prize!!!! Good luck!


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