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Gardner Quad Squads Favorite Aunt- Madison

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So many of you have been requesting a blog all about our beloved Madison, so here it is! There’s so much to be told about this favorite aunt, so ill try not to leave anything out!

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Madison has been an integral part of the Quad Squad from day one! Many of you know that when the girls were born, it was during RSV season. That meant the NICU was on strict lockdown, and the families in there were only allowed to have a very short list of visitors. Along these guidelines, those visitors had to be the same throughout the NICU stay; so no musical chairs during this time! Our list was very short, and appropriate; Grandma, Mimi, Papa, and Madison! Out of all of our siblings, she made the cut. That should tell you how much she meant to us even before the girls were born!

Madison is my baby sister! She was born just as I was going into high school! Is that crazy or what?!! She was my little sidekick for a time, and I remember taking care of her just as I do now for my own girls! Amazing the things you experience in life! She now gets to help me take care of the girls just like I took care of her!

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Just like the rest of us, Madison has a nickname as well. Most of you know her by her beloved name “Hugsy”. Madison was given this nickname years ago by our very on Mama Bear, Ashley. So if you don’t know much about my family, we are not very good at showing emotions or affection, except for Madison! Raised in a family of almost all boys ( the next sister is roughly 15 years older than her), you could imagine there weren’t a lot of hugs going around. Well, Madison turned 14 or 15, and all of the sudden wanted to hug everyone all of the time. Im not sure if she watched a documentary on the art of hugging, or just felt our family needed to be more affectionate; either way, you couldn’t come within 10 feet of her without getting a hug. From that moment on, Ashley donned her “Hugsy Bear”.

Hugsy is the 9th of 10 children, 1 of only 2 girls. I kind of felt bad for Madison growing up because her only other sister was moved out of the house when she was only around 5. She was pretty much raised with wolves, but that didn’t mean she got pushed in the corner. Madison has always been able to hold her own, even running the show from time to time. She was raised with boys, and that made her tough; but she had enough women around to keep her sweet, and that’s why she’s the best mix of both!

Madison has been an incredible Aunt to our children. Its no lie when we say she’s the favorite aunt. From day one, she’s put in the time and effort to be a part of the quads lives. She loves them with all of her heart! She gets so emotional when you have a serious conversations regarding them (watch for that emotion in one of the Rattled episodes this season). There is nothing she wouldn’t do for these girls, and its been sublime for Ashley and I to watch her relationship blossom and develop with the girls. All that time spent with brothers around has finally paid off for her, and she gets to spend so much time with all of our girls now.

Its been a blessing having Madison live so close to us. She has helped with so much, from taking over night shifts in the beginning when they were all on monitors, to taking care of all 4 when we’ve had a work trip out of town. She’s honestly our first option anytime we need to leave the girls with someone, and we’ve been blessed that’s she’s been able to be so hands on! She’s seriously one of the best gifts we’ve had as parents.

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Madison has a talent for getting to know people. She’s a social butterfly, and makes everyone around her comfortable. She’s really like Ashley in this way, and I think that’s why they’ve had such a good bond and relationship develop over the years. She’s a full time student at Utah Valley University, and also works a full time job as a para-educator teaching life skills students. She’s an amazing person, and her potential can take her anywhere she wants to go! We’re so excited to see her future bloom and develop!

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We’re blessed to have someone so special in our lives, but even more blessed to call her family. We love you Hugsy, now and forever!


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