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Girls First Christmas Eve


Girls first Christmas Eve 2015
Today is a special day for us. Today is our first ever Christmas Eve with babies. I have dreamed of this day for years and years. I’ve always known that kids are what made the Christmas season magical I just never could have them. Christmas seasons past have always been so hard for me. An empty, quiet house with just the two of us and Bentley-I’m sure Bentley wishes it was like it was before hahah poor puppy! 

This year we are taking it easy and enjoying the day! This morning I dressed all the girls up cute and did their hair in piggies! They took a nap while I showered and got ready. Now we are just playing on the living room floor and watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Jim Carey-one of my favorites! 

My family will come to our house at 5pm for some Christmas Eve festivities, dinner and a gift exchange.  My family draws names so we will exchange our gifts with our secret Santa! Then at 8pm Tyson’s family will come over and we will watch Christmas Vacation with some treats! 

Make sure you watch out Vlog tomorrow to watch what we did today by clicking here. You can also catch up on our daily vlogs there too! 


I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas season and remember the true meaning of the season. It all started with a baby and this Christmas season we will have the start of our new lives with holidays with 4 sweet babies! 

Love to you all!