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Girls' first road trip-A Visit to our Besties

So on Saturday we took a road trip to Vernal! Our best friends live there, it’s seriously so beautiful where they live and the best part about their house is that I don’t get any phone service! It was so nice to kinda get a break from everything and just hang out. Because we have 4 babies and they have the cutest little 2 year old we didn’t go anywhere. We just sat around on the couch and watch shows and played with babies and didn’t even change out of our pj’s. It was the best! 
The girls did so good on the drive up! They slept the whole way which was really nice. Bentley just slept on the seat next to the girls in his little bed. 


We have had soooo much rain here in Utah lately so the drive up the canyon was breathtaking. We live in such a beautiful place. I love the mountains and lakes we pass on our way! 


We fed the girls right before we left our house and hurried and loaded up and made the 2 1/2 hour drive so we could feed them again right when we got to Steve and Amy’s house. It worked out great! The girls gobbled down a bottle and we began our weekend! 

Amy and I went out with some of her girlfriends that first night and the boys stayed back with the babies. It was so fun to go out and do a girls night. I don’t think I have done that since before I was even pregnant! She has some pretty awesome friends out there and I’m so glad I got to know them better! 

The boys left when we got back to load up for ‘Gardway’ weekend. For years now we have called our little trips together Gardway weekends. It’s a made up name of both our last names Gardner and Shumway. We thinks it’s pretty cleaver and it fits us all perfectly! Anyways- everytime we get together for Gardway weekend it’s tradition to do this…

 Treats are a must and we just snack all weekend long! 

The girls did OK on their first night away from home. They are use to it being dark for longer and we were up in the mountains where the sun comes up about 5am. So they thought it was awake time way too early for mom and dad especially because we were up with one or two babies the whole night before. We were so tired! But look at this view we woke up to in their back yard everyday…wow…

      I could wake up to this at 5am everyday! 
The second night we decided to put Scarlett and Evie in a pack ‘n’ play in the walk in closet so it was quiet and dark. They are the one who have the hardest time. Indie and Esme are our easy going babies and can and will sleep anywhere. They did pretty good there. The girls slept 5 1/2 hours that first stint. We just had to pop a few binkies here and there. We fed them again at at 4:30AM and that’s when it got rough. They thought it was awake time and not only that, scream at the top of their lungs time! I think Scarlett and Evie had upset bellies. I felt bad for them and I was so worried we were waking up everyone else up in the house. We finally got them back to sleep and we were soooo tired! I think they miss their beds and their routine at home so we cut the trip short a day and are heading back home now. 

It was so fun to hang out with them and get away from our house we have been couped up in for the last few month. But I think our next trip will take place when the girls are sleeping through the night-which by the way feels like it will never happen. 

Other than the night time I think the girls enjoyed it and we all had fun. 

Auntie Amy took all the babies this morning and let Tyson and I go back to bed for a little bit-Superwoman. When we woke up she had dressed the girls in their new outfits she gave them from her shop Simple Sawyer. When I woke up and saw them I squeeled so loud! Look how cute they are!

 Scarlett and Evie were sad so daddy took them out on the porch. They loved it outside. Look at those pot belly piggies! 😍
Daddy with Indie and Uncle Steve with Esme chillin on the back porch. 

  Steve burping baby Indie look how cute and tiny she is on him! 

  Little Sawyer was so cute, he and Bentley played the entire time rolling balls to each other. Amy and I like to dream that Sawyer will marry one of my babies one day and we will be officially related! Gosh-I hope it happens, I sure do love this little guy! 


Amy with Evie- as some of you know she did IVF a few months ago and she is expecting another member of our Gardway group! I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. She deserves this blessing more than anyone I know! 

  Bentley loved the wide open spaces! He was in heaven. 

  Esme checking out the view rightly before loading up and driving home! 

We are driving home now and Scarlett woke up. I turned around to help pop her binkie and Bentley was checking on her! How sweet! 

 Goodbye for now Vernal we had a good time! We will be back as soon as the girls sleep through the night to do some more exploring!