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The girls had their one year check up on Wednesday. It’s always an ordeal when we take all the girls anywhere but the doctor office is a whole new story. Luckily the staff there are super amazing and always willing to help out in any way they can so Tyson and I can be with each individual girl as we do the check up.

Just some of the amazing staff 
Indie getting weighed

We started with weighing all the girls which means we strip them down to a diper. All the nurses grab a baby and we get it done in seconds! 

Let’s start with Indie Pie Hi!    

Weight: 18.78 pounds-32.27 percentile

Length: 27 inches long- 1.29 percentile(totally normal for preemies)

Head circumference: 17.5 inches- 35.16 percentile

Dr. Mumford wrangling Indie

Dr. Mumford did a full check on Indie and said she looks great and is right on target with all her milestones. She has one bottom tooth and one on top almost ready to break through! 

Let’s move onto Ezzy bear

Ezzy getting weighed

Stats came in as follows:

Weight: 19 lbs 10 oz-45.93 percentile

Length: 27.5 inches- 4.09 percentile (Again, totally normal for preemies. They take a bit longer to catch up on length)

Head: 17.5 inches- 35.16 percentile  


The doctor check everything with Ezzy and it all looked great as well! She wasn’t too happy when he had to look down her throat but she forgave him shortly there after.  She is also meeting all her milestones!

On to Scarlett… 

Scarlett doesn’t like ‘strangers’

She has ‘stranger danger’ meaning she isn’t too fond of new people and crus whenever I’m not holding her. I sat her down and got her weight and quickly scooped her back up for some snuggles.   

Scarlett on the scale

Her stats are:

Weight: 20lbs 13oz- 64.34 percentile

Length: 27.75 inches- 6.76 percentile

Head: 17.25 inches- 19.92 percentile  

Mommy is staying close by so Scarlett feels safe

Doctor Mumford check Scarlett over and mostly everything looks great. A few days before the appointment we had to bring her in for croup(poor baby). She is doing much better now but still ha a little bit of a couch and runny nose. Other than that everything checks out great with Scarley Barley and she is meeting all her milestones as well!  

On to the Heavy weight champ-Evie  

Evie still claiming her heavy weight title over her sisters on the scale

Heavy Evie is still the winner! She has been the heaviest since day one weighing in at 2 lbs 10 0z! And has not given up her title still and that’s a great thing! We are so happy to be able to call her Heavy Evie because it means she isn’t that tiny preemie baby anymore-although she did get the nick name while she was in the NICU! 

Her current stats are:

Weight: 22.16 lbs – 81.01 percentile (Woohoo)

Length: 27.75 inches- 6.76 percentile

Head: 17.25 inches- 19.92 percentile


Evie chewing her cup
Dr. Mumford checking Evie

After her full checkup she is looking awesome as well except one thing, poor baby has an ear infection in her left ear. He thinks it’s going away on its own but gave me a prescription for an anti biotic just in case.  She has had this stuffy nose like Scarlett and he thinks it’s tied to that and that it should go away in a few days.

It doesn’t seem to be bothering her much from what I can tell. Poor baby- Tyson and I both had to have tubes in our ears as babies so we have been so happy that this is the first with our girls and they most likely won’t have to have that done.  Other than that she is meeting all milestones and growing perfectly!!! 

Then the saddest part ever happened ;( made me cry-SHOTS! It was time for their one year shots and it was super sad.   

Indie getting her shots
Ezzy getting her shots

One of the hard parts of being a parent to multiples and that you only have two arms. I wanted to scoop every single one of them up and snuggle them but it’s not possible. I scooped Scarlett, then Tyson scooped Evie and then the awesome nurses got Indie and Ezzy this time. I kissed their heads and talked to them. They calmed down pretty quickly but it never fails to make me cry. 

Scarlett getting her shots
Evie getting her shots

***Now, I know that some of you are opposed to vaccinations and all I ask is that you respect that fact that I am pro vaccination. I’ve done my research and this is how I feel. So let’s leave it at that. 

 We loaded the girls up and gave them a bottle and they were super sweet all the way home. We gave them lots of extra snuggles and they are doing great.  I’m just so proud of my girls and how well they are doing. They are little fighters and practically perfect in every way!  So there is the one year check up update. If you want to watch the check up, here is our Vlog of the doctors visit.   

-Mama Bear