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Grandma Garners Pork Chops and White Gravy

So many of you have been asking for more recipes that it got me excited to share some family favorites with all of you! I know summer is around the corner and ill be sharing more grilling and lighter recipes, but this one you cannot pass up, even in the summertime! Take note, you’ll make this one for years to come, I promise you!

This was a recipe handed down from my Grandma Garner to my Mother, and on down to me. It’s probably on my top 5 list of favorite all time recipes! Just so you know, my grandmother an mom always cook to taste, they never used direct measurements, so I’ve been trained the same way. Keep that in mind when reading my instructions.


Pork Chops (Quantity depends of family of course; I always get bone in for myself, and boneless for Ash and the kids)




Lowry’s Season Salt

Olive Oil



Mix together in a wide bowl enough flour, salt, pepper and Lowry’s Season Salt. ( For 4 pork chops usually a cup of flour will do, and then seasonings to preference) Coat your pork chop in the flour mix completely. Ill rub it all over the meat covering all areas. Some of it will cook off in the process so the more the merrier. (This will also help when making the homemade gravy)

Once the meat is coated, lay them together in your cooking pan that you’ve coated with olive oil. I don’t like to overdue the oil so the meat keeps its original flavor, but you also don’t want to burn the meat, so just keep an eye on it. Brown the pork chop on both sides on medium to high heat. Once browned, turn to low and simmer in the pan for 45minutes to an hour. I like to let mine cook on low for as long as possible because this allows the meat to get really soft and tender, cooking in all the flavors!

When your meat is finished, go ahead and remover them to another dish. You’ll need about 5 minutes to prepare the gravy, so plan for this if your keeping everything warm for guests or family. With the leftover oil in the pan, and flour cooked off the pork chop, you’re ready to make a very delicious homemade gravy.

Again, I don’t have and exact measurement of flour, but ill add a few spoonful to the pan until I see the mix has soaked up most of the oil. Ill stir this around for about a minute. At this point, I turn the heat back to high, and add about 1/2 cup of milk at a time. This adds to base flavor and makes the gravy. Stir continuously. It will soon boil and thicken. I keep adding milk by the 1/2 cup until I feel I have the portion I need to feed everyone. At this point you can season again to your liking. I always add salt, pepper, and a little more Lowry’s Season Salt. It really makes the difference. Once you’ve got the portion you need, and its seasoned to perfection and cooked to you thickness liking, you’re ready to eat!

Side Note:

 I’ve never made this meal without Mashed Potatoes. My family is from Idaho and that was just how it was done. So all the while this was going on, I will have potatoes boiling and ready to mash just before I start the gravy. That way all is warm and ready to eat at the perfect time! The gravy is perfect over your mashed potatoes and on top of your pork chop as well.

My family usually serves green beans with this meal, but Ash loves corn on the cob during the summer! Two great choices

Hope you enjoy this one, its one of my favorites, and always bring back fond memories every time I have it!


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