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Guest Interview Blog or Vlog Poll

Hey Everyone! Today’s blog will be short and sweet! What we want to start doing over here is having some guest visit both our blog page and vlog channel. These guests can be from any walk of life. People who have had a direct impact on the girls and us such as Doctors, Nurses, Professionals, Family Members, and Friends. They could also be somebody who does what we do like another vlogger. We’ve also thought of having other infertility survivors on, as well as those still in the trenches! Basically, the list is never-ending.

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What we want to do is have you all vote on who you would most like to see interviewed either on our blog or our Youtube vlog. What we’ll do is post this blog on both Instagram and Facebook, and then tally up the votes after the weekend. We’ll pick the most popular choices and start scheduling dates! Don’t be shy to give specifics of what you would want to hear in the interview, the platform you think would be most beneficial, and any other comments or suggestions you have!

I thought I’d give a list of a few examples to get your mind racing. Here they are:

Dr. Minton

Grandma, Mimi and Papa

Hugsy ( or any other sibling)

Dr. Mumford

Mrs. Frost

The Binghams

The Fertility Center

The Ponts

Can’t wait to see all your responses! Have a wonderful day!