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Handling The Critics And Still Smiling

First of all, thank you all so much for your awesome feedback and questions from our Instagram posts. They were so fun to read, and I plan on doing several blogs based on them! Today, ill address a question that comes up often, yet has so much simplicity in the answer!

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Doing what we do, being in the public, brings with it the good and the bad. Opening your lives up for all to see, and give their opinions on can bring with it differing views, as we are all on different wavelengths at times in our lives. Going into this, we were a little naïve and had no idea the magnitude of reach our story would have and how far around the world we would travel. That being said, sharing our story with millions of people, you’re going to get millions of opinions.

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Let me state first that an overwhelming number of our following is positive, helpful, and supportive; only wanting to share love, kindness, respect, guidance, and the wonderful things about life with us! That is much needed in anybody’s daily grind, am I right!! That is what we choose to focus on!  The Positive.

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There will always be situations where somebody doesn’t agree with your decisions, parenting, or reflections. That’s ok. Most people do it in a respectful way that is simply a difference of opinion. We can all live with that right. I mean, Ashley and I disagree with each other plenty, but we still love and respect each other, and want nothing but the best for each other. That’s how life should be.

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There are those who look to just cast shadows and hate. Although this can be frustrating to some, we understand what is going on with these people, and “most” of the time try and turn the other cheek. Being honest, I’ve responded to several of them trying to reason and correct their assumptions about what they “know” about us and our family. Over time we’ve realized you can’t negotiate with crazy. Plain and simple. I’m not going to sit here and sugar coat what they are. The way they choose to live their lives is their decision and it affects them. It doesn’t affect me or my family. Plain and simple. They can leave all the nasty comments, start all the hate pages they want, but it’s not stopping our family from progressing and doing what we want to do. Simple as that.

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Now I know they’re going to read this and its going to work them all up into a frenzy, so much that they’ll probably start a new hate thread about our family so they have something to do this afternoon. But while they’re hiding behind their computers complaining about life, we’ll be out living it, and you’ll see about it in tomorrows vlog!

Life is meant to be enjoyed. It is a journey that we all get to experience, and if we’re lucky cross each others paths and make a difference for the better. That is our goal. To make a difference for good in people’s lives. That is what life is about. God has given Ashley and I so many blessings we’d be proud and disrespectful not to share the love and blessings with all we come in contact with. The girls are miracles and we’ll continue to share God’s message through them!

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We pray for those that are down, depressed, and just plain miserable. We hope they get better and find happiness. We’ll be there cheering them on if they ever want to cross over!

So when people wonder how we deal with the critics and the haters, here’s your answer: we simply live our life.