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Help with a Father's Day Wishlist

Father’s Day is coming up and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s my first, and I know it will always be a special one! Although I already have everything I could ever wish for in a beautiful loving wife and 4 miracle babies, I  thought I’d just share a few things that make life that much sweeter! Here’s my list of things I can’t live without, and maybe your husband or father needs!

  1. Music: Music is who I am. There is a song for every mood you are in, every memory that you have, and every special moment. Do you ever hear a song come on and have a flashback to a moment or memory? It happens to me all the time! Although I could talk music all day and night, here are my top 5 Artists and favorite album of theirs just for fun!

     a. George Michael-Faith. This album was on constant repeat throughout high school and beyond. Is it weird I wanted to be just like him when I grew up? Hahah, I guess i’ll have to settle for just enjoying his music!

     b. Bruce Springsteen-Born in the U.S.A. Not only does he put together some of the most amazing and addicting melodies, he is a true poet. I love how all of his songs tell a story. He’s working class, he’s American, and his voice can sooth the soul when needed. Definitely worth investigating if you’re not a fan yet!

     c. The Eagles- Their Greatest Hits. The greatest band of all time if you ask me. They have so many recognizable hits, you can get dizzy trying to list them all. The one thing I love about this band is that they all contribute in big ways! I mean two of the front men had incredible solo careers during their hiatus, and then they come back together and continue to make unbelievable music. I mean, who hasn’t heard the songs Hotel California, Take it Easy, Boys of Summer, and Desperado! I promise this album is a winner for all dads!

     d. Hall & Oates-The Very Best Of. Ok, I love the 80s. That is evident now. These two represent everything about the 80’s, not to mention their the most successful duo of all time! I love looking back at all their hairstyles on the Album covers. Even if you don’t like their music, this would be enough to keep you entertained! What more do you need? Great listening for any situation. Ballads, Pop, Soul, Dance, they have it all!

     e. Journey-Greatest Hits. If you’ve ever heard “Don’t Stop Believing”, you’ll know why Steve Perry is one of the greatest voices ever! Just trust me on this album!

Obviously everyone has their own taste in music, and that is why iTunes is such a great thing! Thankfully you can get pretty much whatever you need in one stop here.

2. Minky Couture– Monster Minky Blanket

    These blankets are incredible! I remember the first one Ashley received as a gift from a friend on bed rest. She had been talking about them for months. I figured they were just another blanket until I felt it for the first time! So soft! Nothing else like it out there! They are perfect for movie night on the couch, a picnic, drive up the canyon, snuggling with your little ones, or even sleeping with! Once you’ve experienced a Minky, nothing else comes close! This was one of my favorite gifts Ashley ever gave me, I could finally stop stealing hers for all those occasions! You can find them here. Minky Couture has been so awesome and wanted to provide all my readers with a 45% off coupon code! That is huge! Just go to their site by clicking here and use code ‘quadsquad45’ to redeem it!

3. Jeans-Levis

I’m a laid back kind of guy, and what’s more comfortable than a pair of Levis. I’ve tried all the brands out there, and these are the ones I keep coming back to. They are comfortable and durable! I can go do heavy duty labor, or take a nap on the couch in them. Either way, i’ll be comfortable! They are doing a great sale right now! I know, because I’ve been looking! Check them out at

4. Food-Gift Cards

I’d be lying if I didn’t put this on my list! Its always nice to get gift cards to your favorite restaurants. It gives you a reason to get out of the house and experience your favorite food, and its always nice when you have a gift card because it helps with the bill! LOL! And lets be honest, I’m not the only Dad who loves getting gift cards to his favorite restaurant! One of my favorites is Macaroni Grill!

Hopefully all the dads out there have a wonderful Fathers Day spent with friends and family, and all the wives and kids find something special for Dad this year!