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Homemade Ham Fried Rice Family Recipe


Here is another simple, fast and yummy family recipe for ya. This is our homemade ham fried rice and we love it! For some reason homemade is so much better than take out….Well for me pretty much everything is better than take our because I love me some home cooked food. This recipe is not to disappoint.

Now I usually make this after we have had a Sunday ham dinner and we have left overs but you could easily do this with the diced ham from the store as well. I take the left over ham and dice it up and throw it in but it is great both ways.



Cook 2 cups of rice

In a skillet or Wok fry up the following ingredients (make sure you put a little butter in the pan so nothing sticks)

6 eggs (scramble and fry up first)

6 Green Onions chopped up

Half a bag of frozen peas and carrots

1 1/2 C Ham

1/2 C Soy Sauce

Once it is all fried up toss in the cooked rice with 1/2 cup more soy sauce (or to taste-I just dump it in until it looks right)

Fry it all together for 10-15 minuted mixing frequently over a medium heat.

Everyone seems to like their rice fried up to a different consistency, some like it a little crispy and some not so much. You fry it up to your liking and then it is all ready to eat. 

We usually eat this as our main dish because it is super hardy with a lot of ham and I will serve some frozen egg rolls on the side. You could use this as a side dish as well. 

This makes a lot of food and we love it that way because if it is possible the left overs the next day are even better! (This is coming from someone who hates left overs)

I hope everyone is enjoying these recipes I have been posting and I hope you are making them regularly! 



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