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Hospital Bed Rest Wish List










I have had quite a few people ask me what was a necessity for when I was on hospital bed rest with the girls. Some of you are going on hospital bed rest and some of you have a friend or family member who is and you want to help out but you don’t know how. So I thought I would write up a little post about what I couldn’t live without when I was stuck in a bed for 9 1/2 weeks.

1.First things first BEDDING!

Bring your own bedding to the hospital. Is it just me or does hospital sheets make everyone feel like they are in a constant cold sweat? The first night I was at the hospital I was so uncomfortable I couldn’t sleep and I cried the entire night. I was 24 weeks pregnant with 4 babies and the bed didn’t have a foot board…It was one of those delivery beds. I kept thinking to myself ‘I cannot sleep in this thing if they want to KEEP me pregnant!’ The hospital bed alone was enough to put me into labor. 

I waited till about 7am till I called my mom bawling my eyes out that I didn’t think I was strong enough to do this. Her and my dad rushed down to the hospital with brand new twin size sheets, my own pillow and a huge foam mattress topper. THIS WAS A LIFE SAVER! These things are the number one thing I always tell everyone that will save you life! 

SIDE NOTE: The hospital DOES have normal beds that have a foot board and are a little bit longer and comfortable. Tyson came to the hospital after work and told the nurses (who were incredible by the way) that if they wanted me to stay pregnant they better find me a normal bed. They searched the hospital and were able to find me one and it changed my life. Just ask! If they have one that is available they will get it for you. If its not available that day just keep asking every day till one frees up. It will change your entire stay there along with the bedding.

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2. Bring your own pjs and clothes.

I always feel more comfortable in my own clothes. For me to not lose my sanity being stuck in the same room every day all day long I NEEDED to get dressed and put my make up on every day. It just made me feel human still and gave me something to do to fill up my day. 

3. Bring slippers.

If you’re anything like me my feet are always cold and those cold hospital floors are not fun to walk on when you have to go pee every 4 1/2 minutes.

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4. An adult coloring book and any crafts you like to do

If you like to color this will pass some awesome time when there is nothing to do and no one is there to entertain you. I also brought things like nail polish and crafts. I was in the hospital during all the holidays in 2014 so one time my sister in law and I decorated Ginger Bread Cookies and gave them to my awesome nurses. 

Other ideas for crafts would be knitting, puzzles and thank you notes.










5. Gift cards for amazon or near by restaurants

This was my favorite thing to get because who doesn’t like a little online shopping? Especially when you are expecting a baby(ies). Hospital food gets old REAL fast so I loved when people would bring gift cards to nearby restaurants so that when Tyson got don’t dont with work he could quickly pick something up for us. This was also a huge lifesaver for when the girls were in the NICU. We were at the hospital 12+ hours a day and only left for a few short minutes to get some food and it was so nice to have some options and not have to worry about it at all. It was just one last thing to worry about.

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6. Magazines or books

Most hospitals don’t have awesome tv and honestly for me, if Dr. Phil wasn’t on the TV wasn’t on. hahah- I might have an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Phil. A magazine for me broke up the day and captured my attention for awhile and it was something that wasn’t my phone. Facebook and Instagram only go so far before you are all caught up and again have nothing to do. 

7. Body wash, Lotion and your own Shampoo and Conditioner

Having my own things really made a huge difference in how I felt. I knew I was going to be there a long time and I needed it to feel like home as much as possible and the hospital shampoo and conditioner is enough to make you go bald!

8. Wall Flowers from Bath and Body Works

I really love when things smell good and it was awesome when people would come in my room and tell me how great my room smelled. You can’t have candles in a hospital.

28 Weeks
28 Weeks










9. A Paper Chain Link Countdown

A good friend came to the hospital and she had made me a paper chain link that had count downs to my milestones for me it was 28 weeks and then 30 weeks and then 32 weeks. I only made it to 29 weeks and 4 days with the girls and it gave me something to look forward to every night. Because I was there for all the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years) she made those links with paper that coordinated with those holidays and it just made it not all seem so far away.

24 Weeks
24 Weeks











10. A Comfy blanky

My best friend from high school came into town and visited me at the hospital and thats where she introduced me to the addiction you all know I have now, Minky Couture! She brought me my very first Minky Couture Monster blanket and I was addicted to them from then on out. It made the stay so much better when I was stuck in a bed all day every day to have something comfortable to snuggle with.

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Those are my top 10 items that I lived by with I was in the hospital. These things made my life so much easier. There were lots of other things too, I think the nursing staff though I had moved in permanently at one point.

If you are going on hospital bed rest or know someone who is and want to put together a gift basket for them these are some ideas for you. I hope this helps everyone out. And if you are the one going on bedrest I wish you the best of luck through the rest of this pregnancy. I promise it will pass faster than you think and it will all be a distant memory soon. Make sure you have someone take you for a wheelchair ride if you doctor will allow it every day.

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-Quad Mama 


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