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How to Buy a Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

Me & Dad
Me & Dad

So if you’re like me you have someone on your gift giving list that is difficult, impossible, arduous, perplexing, knotty or just down right agitating to buy a gift for.

For me it’s my Dad.

It’s the same every year at Christmas time, the Birthday party, and now Fathers Day is upon us.

This year I’ve been determined to doing something more meaningful than my cop-out gift card for steaks at Texas Roadhouse or iTunes (you can even email this one… don’t ask me how I know). What was I thinking, an iTunes gift card? I might as well have just but some cash in an envelope and given it to him! Soooo tacky! I know, I know… listen, I’m repenting OK… so give me some space!!

I guess the experience of giving birth to my beautiful Quads has made me more determined to not only get something he would really like and enjoy, but I wanted to take it to the next level and reach for something he would treasure!

I know it sounds like I was setting myself up for a major FAIL, but I believe I got the job done, read on and you be the judge.

So what do you buy the person who already has everything?

Of course whenever I ask my Dad what he might want, he says something like… “Honey, I just want more smiles from those precious little babies of yours.”IMG_5504.JPG

That’s really sweet but honestly… it’s absolutely no help!

To make matters worse, over the years anything my Dad has ever wanted he’s simply bought it for himself. Let me give a short story to illustrate.

Before I was even a twinkle in my Daddy’s eye he wanted a Black Mercedes Benz 560 SL Coupe. I’ve been told he actually cut out a picture of this car and taped it to his bathroom mirror and looked at it every morning for 4 years before he went to work, until he had enough money to buy it. (On the upside he’s ingrained all of his kids with a solid work ethic.)

Living in Central Illinois at the time and ready to buy his dream car, my Dad ran into a little snag. None of the dealerships within a five state area carried a Black 560SL with gray interior, like the car in the photo, they only had the popular tan. Well, not good enough for my Dad.

He found his car with the gray interior 758.4 miles a way, in Dallas, Texas and thats where he went to get it.

As you might imagine, the fact that my Dad wants exactly what he wants adds even more pressure when trying to pick out the perfect gift for him.

So with my target goal to get my Dad a gift he would actually treasure, I realized it would require some effort, so here’s what I did.

I Recommend You Try This

I sat down and made a list of the things my Dad was interested in and the things that defined who he was. I suggest you make the list a long list or if you’re the mother of quads spend at least two minutes writing down as many things as you can think of!

The idea is to brainstorm a gift to go with each item on the list whether it was big or small. No, you’re not going to give all the gift ideas you come up with, what you’re doing is looking for something that’s going to be that spark or the the big hit, cool or unique idea.

So for the list of my Dads interests or things that define who he is, here’s what I came up with.

His grandkids are really important to him.

But I didn’t think a giant adult sized tricycle is bigtri1agoing to cut it, yet in the spirit of brainstorming I put it on the list anyway.

Plus, my dad has a great sense of humor and if I could find that giant tricycle it would make him laugh. Hey I think these guys in the photo on the left were really on to something big, LOL!

For years my Dad and I have had a standing annual Daddy/Daughter date for the daddydaughterdateTimpanogo’s Storytelling Festival. Its something I’ve always looked forward to, and I might have to expand the date to a Daddy/Daughter/Quads date now. (He will love it.)

IMG_7807In his career Dad was a public speaker and traveled to nearly every state in the union. He’s always been a great storyteller and knows how to make people laugh.

So as a gift I’m thinking maybe a DVD from one of his favorite funny storytellers or perhaps a comedian. Or I could get him tickets to a comedy club show in Salt Lake.

Dad’s Drawing of Stella

My dad is a self taught pencil artist and loves drawing pictures of the kids. He loves all types of art. He never misses the Salt Lake City Arts Festival and its really fun going with him as he excitedly bounces from one booth to the next.

One time he was invited to the home of artist, Arnold Friberg. Arnold took my Dad on a tour his art studio, it is one of my Dads great memories. It was such an honor to meet Arnold and witness his great talent first hand. You may know Arnold’s emotional work, Prayer at Valley Forge.


My Dad has had several pieces of art hanging at home and office. I know at one point in his career he was a supporter of Ducks Unlimited because of their conservation efforts. One of his favorite artists is Terry Redlin, a wildlife landscape painter, and has several signed limited edition prints of his amazing wildlife art.

He also has a abstract painting hanging on his wall that’s out of place as this style isn’t really my Dads. But a college student was going door to door selling his art, he need some help raising money for tuition.

IMG_9184He also has a three foot tall Tiki Fertility Statue hand carved out of some tropical wood that he bought from a Polynesian fellow. He didn’t know the guy but he needed the money to feed his family. (When I was little girl I used to play house and I’d make believe the Tiki Statue was my husband… hmmm, now we know why I had quads!! LOL)

So I’m thinking I might be able to find a piece of art for him that won’t break the bank, that would be something I know he would really treasure.

My Dad’s always been a softie for people in need. One time driving home after picking up a a take-out order from a restaurant he suddenly pulled over and made me and my sister get out of the car and give our food to a homeless guy, plus, all the cash in is wallet at the time. I remember we cooked macaroni and cheese when we got home and I’ll never forget how good I felt about it because we had just helped someone out. 

As a gift idea for this category I’m thinking maybe finding a charity and making a donation in my Dads name.

Oh My Gosh this is turning into a really long story I hope you find it worth the time reading it.

Ok, to summarize who my dad is, what his interests are and what defines him a person here’s what I have.

His family is very important to him. He’s a storyteller with a great sense of humor and likes to make people laugh. A self taught pencil artist and loves all types of art especially wildlife art. He’s traveled a lot. Likes helping out others in need.

And the list of gifts that I came up with:

A giant tricycle, a DVD of a humorous storyteller, tickets to a comedy show, a work of art, or a daddy/daughter date to an art gallery showing, making a contribution to a charity in my Dads name.

I found this to be a very useful exercise because it put my brain on high alert and prepared me to find the perfect gift for him. Whenever I saw a TV commercial, browsed a website or went shopping I knew my brain was trying to help me find a present that my Dad would treasure.

My Quad Mom Spidey Senses Went Off
With an Unexpected Problem

 It wasn’t long before I came across a website that made all my quad mom spidey senses go off! The more I browsed this website the more I realized I had found the right place to get my Dad a unique gift, he could treasure the rest of his life! I actually had a new and unexpected problem… They had so many unique and awesome gift ideas it was really hard to decide what to get him! 

Plus, to put the icing on the cake, so to speak, is this site, Novica, exists to help creative and talented artisans from all over the world get their awesome work exposed. Without a site like this, the talents of these artisans may never be known and they would needlessly struggle their whole lives to make ends meet. It’s a great humanitarian website as far as I’m concerned.

Here are some of the items that stood out to me, what do you think?

I found several pieces of art that I knew my Dad would go nuts for. I found one that wouldp195751_2a appeal to his love of nature and the fact that the artist, Emmanuel form Peru, is a self taught artist like my Dad. 

Its fascinating to read about each artisan on Novica’s site. You find many inspirational stories about people who rose above circumstance and obstacles to realize their dreams.

Travel JournalsAs I continued to browse I noticed a unique gift for the travel. It caught my eye because my Dad uses those little pocket notebooks to write things down. He always has one on him and the used ones are stacked on a bookshelf in his office. What I noticed were these hand crafted little journals for the traveler. They are made in Delhi by Asha Prabha, a woman who runs a little shop and keeps nine women employed with the sales of these items.

Next I came across and item that would meet three out of the four qualities I identified in p215935_2my Dad, art, humor and helping someone out.

I found this awesome Hand Carved Balinese Wood Puzzle Box (Did I mention my Dad loves elephants. He’s always telling me they are self-aware.) And what makes this gift so appealing to me is the artisan that made it… Eka. Eka’s husband died and left her a single mother, alone, to care for her two children. 

And here’s a big bonus… these items come gift wrapped! How very cool is that?!

So which one did I choose for my Dad? Well you’re just going to have to guess for right now because my Dad reads my posts and I don’t want to completely give away the surprise before Fathers Day!

In the mean time I invite you to go browse Novica today. There is still time to order a unique gift for Fathers Day. Novica has so many different kinds of items I’d be surprised if everyone couldn’t find something they loved.