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How To 'Fix' A Broken Book

So for Easter I bought the girls this super cute book form Costco and they have all loved it…like REEEEEALLY loved it! Loved it a little too much..









Between the 4 of them, despite my efforts to teach them how to treat books, this is the result of our Easter basket book. 










As I was sitting there watching them destroy it (because it had already had it, and lets face it, I’m tired) I was thinking to myself  ‘why even try, its a goner anyways. Ill just throw it in the trash when they go down for their nap.’ A thought popped in my head, just because it started as a book doesn’t mean that is the only thing it can be.


I hopped right up grabbed the book to salvage what was left, made 4 babies cry in the process because I’m such a mean mom that I would even think to take their book away for a minute, and grabbed some scissors.











They love the pictures in this book and when we read it we all turn the pages and say the name of the animal and I will make the noise. So why can’t this book be saved? Why can’t I turn it into flash cards?












After some simple cutting and picking away the loose pieces in just 60 seconds the girls had something new an there were lots of them so they can each have one! 









I went back into the living room where all the girls in the meantime had quietly found something else to do…









How sweet of them!


I went to the middle of the living room and set the new pages on the floor and it was a hit! Some old pictures they loved and they are no longer destroying it!










They thought I was pretty cool in that moment and I had a proud mom moment! I love when I can find little things like this to make the girls happy and I feel like I accomplished something ‘Pinterest’ in the mean time! 









-The Thrifty Quad Mama