How to Fully Prepare your Kids for Going Back to School

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It’s that time of the year again. Your kids are going back to school and you need to get ready for it. It was stressful last time. It will be stressful this time. But don’t worry. This article has got your back. All the information you need is in this article. This will be a big help and you’ll be amazed and how smooth and easy the process will be after reading this. First up, uniform. 



You need to dress your kids in uniform because school’s like it when everyone dresses the same. But some schools don’t have uniforms so in that case, you should be fine. I wish my school didn’t have uniforms. It was an absolute nightmare outgrowing it and having to get more and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. But if your kids are in uniform, make sure you get it early so they’re prepared. There’s nothing worse than being the only one in school in regular clothes while everyone else is in uniform. 





The older I get, the more I realize how important a calendar is. They’re so useful for knowing what you’re doing in a day. I always forget constantly what plans I’ve made. Luckily, there’s a place you can get a really solid calendar that will cater to all your organizational needs. Especially November, arguably the biggest and busiest month. 123 calendars have a november 2021 calendar template that will help so much. I highly recommend it so you know what club your kid’s at on what day. That way, if they don’t show up for dinner, you can check the calendar and realize where they are. They haven’t run away, they’re just at chess. 



I love stationery. It really is the pinnacle of our society. We need pens to write and pencils to draw with. It’s an absolute necessity in any office, so why should it be any different in school? Kids need to have the right tools to perform the best they can early on. How will they be able to take notes if they haven’t got a nice fountain pen or draw pictures of the sun with a smiley face if they don’t have pencils? Rulers are important too, for measuring things. When I was younger, I would measure everything available*  to me. It was my way of understanding the world. We can’t deprive kids of that.

Give them the longest and most impressive ruler possible. Kids are always wanting to borrow them so make sure they put the property of — on them. That way, they can always get them back and you haven’t got to buy another ruler. A good compass is also important. Every pencil case should have one. That way, your child can draw the perfect circle every single time. Pencil cases should also feature an eraser, to correct any mistakes. You can include tips but honestly, I can take it or leave it. It doesn’t really make the work look neater. It’s just a white splodge on the paper and it’s incredibly obvious you’ve used it. I think you’re much better off just drawing a line through the mistake. It’s much neater. And the last and most important thing a pencil case should have is a sharpener. You want your kid to have the sharpest, most precise pencils possible so that they can draw the best pictures. It’s all about giving them a little boost at that edge and believe me, a sharpener is the best way to do that.