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Humble And Kind

I’ve always loved Tim McGraw, but listening to the above referenced song today just made me plain out cry. Every word written in that song could be my exact thoughts, and probably yours too, which is why I think its such a great song and lyric. I just love the feeling I get when listening to the words expressed in that song. For me, its a constant reminder that no matter who or what we become, what we have or don’t have, or where we go,  its how we go about doing those things that are key in this life.

There isn’t a memory I have from this life where being humble and kind hasn’t served me well. Its quite the opposite; those characteristics have only enhanced every memory I have of them. There’s something to be said about the way we treat those we come in contact with, and that includes ourselves. This world can be a tricky place to navigate, but I’ve never met anyone that didn’t respond well to humility or kindness.

I always love looking back at all the memories that revolve around humility and kindness; they bring such a joy and always a smile to my face. Emotions and actions are key to our relationships here in this life. They shape who we become and definitely the relationships we have with each other. I’ve always found that humility and kindness open far more doors than they close.

I wanted to write down a few simple thoughts today to look back on and have a good reminder of what I should always be focusing on.  On a day when I thought I started my 80s hairband playlist while cleaning out the car, I’m glad I accidentally hit the Tim McGraw playlist! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!