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I Had An Unbelievable Birthday, But……………

Ashley always seems to make every year better, and this one was no exception. She surprised me for my 35th birthday with a trip to Disneyland and Universal Studios! Boy was I surprised!

I had no idea any of this was in the making, and thought for sure we’d just be dining with my family and close friends telling embarrassing stories about myself as we usually do on my special occasions. Little did I know Ash had been working on this birthday for a couple of months, and also that she was surprising me with two of my best friends flying in to meet us for the vacation!

By the time we reached California, met up with our friends, and got to the hotel late Wednesday night, I was pretty tired! All the excitement had settled in, and my body was shutting down! It was time for bed!

We did Disneyland on Thursday to start off the vacation! My favorite place to visit! I could come back time and time again and never be bored! We met some other good friends at the entrance and they came with us to the park for the first few hours. They had a special present for me as well, and we got to go to the front of the line at every ride I wanted to ride. Pretty incredible especially since the lines were all almost 5o minute waits! I felt pretty special! We had ridden every ride I wanted to ride in Disneyland by noon. I’d never experienced the park like that before! So far Ashley’s birthday plan was a success! I was like a kid in the candy store on Christmas!

We finished up the day enjoying California Adventure, and shopping back at Disneyland. Since we rode all that we wanted to early, the rest of the day was very relaxing and fun!


We couldn’t end the day without Checking out all the Horror Film Attractions!!

Friday, we spent all day at Universal Studios Hollywood! Harry Potter attraction was everything it was hyped up to be and more. We spent several hours in Harry Potter World before eventually checking out the rest of the park! We rode Jurassic Park, The Mummy, Transformers, and Despiclable Me before returning to Harry Potter Land for the remainder of the day. I think I drank more Butter Beer than humanly possible. We picked up a few souvenirs and called it a day!

Saturday, we slept in, and enjoyed  few hours at the beach before we caught our flight home! We got in late, and I thought the girls would all be asleep, but I got my last birthday surprise when Scarlett was up waiting for us! The perfect surprise to end my birthday celebration!

I had an unbelievable birthday week this year, but it will never compare to the gifts I’ve been given by God, and those are my wife and children! Every time we do something fun, take a little break or go on a mini vacation without the girls, I’m constantly reminded of how important they are in my life, and how much life would mean nothing without them. I have been blessed beyond measure from a loving God. Not only did he bless my life with my beautiful and loving wife, he blessed me again with 4 perfect children that are so precious to my heart. I have much to be grateful for! California was a fun break! I’m so grateful for Ashley’s efforts to make my birthday week special, but the best gift was being away from the girls just long enough to miss them more than anything! I think Ashley knew what she was doing and planned this one to perfection!