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If Ashley and Tyson Wrote a Book, What Would It Be About?

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Ashley and I have wanted to write a book for some time now, but it always ends up getting put on the backburner. We’ll circle back around, and bounce ideas off each other, but then life takes over and we have to shelf the idea again.

We’ve both put many of our experiences and thoughts on paper, but nothing together or on a timeline. I’ve always wanted to have something like this to hand down to the kids when they get older, and hope that they would appreciate it.

If we were to sit down and write about our experiences, what would you all want to read about? Here’s a few topics that have always made the conversation.

Infertility Struggle


New Parents

Quadruplet Surprise

Family Dynamics



Please, let us know what you would want to read about from the Gardners. Your input is truly appreciated!


Also, here is todays vlog just in case you missed it!