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I'm Imperfect, And That's What Makes Me

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This life is hard enough without trying to be perfect. I mean, if you really sit and think about it, is it even possible to be “perfect”? I think so many of us find ourselves constantly struggling to be the perfect that others want us to be. Whether it be Mom and Dad, a significant other, a religious leader, or society in general, we aim to please, even it means being something we are not. Although perfection is a real word with a real definition, I think its alright for us all to realize its ok not to be perfect.

No need to be perfect


Obviously while struggling with infertility, Ashley and I knew we were not perfect. And just to be clear, this was not the first wake up call for us. Trust me, our parents and teachers let us know long ago that perfection had skipped our gene pools! LOL. But seriously, we knew that our story was different. In the beginning, we were ashamed because we were different. We were embarrassed that we couldn’t conceive like everyone else. They all were having babies with no problem at all. They all had a perfect life that we wanted and did not have. They were all doing it within the perfect time frame that society set. WRONG!!!!!










I’m not saying wrong, they didn’t have all that. Maybe they did. What I am saying is that our viewpoint was flawed. The way we were viewing our lives was flawed. There was nothing imperfect with what we were experiencing. That was the hardest lesson to learn. Through these many lessons over the years, we learned that imperfection was a blessing. Imperfection gave us a perfect knowledge.  










Our imperfections are what make us real. They’re like a fingerprint, specific to who we are. Many people know us by our imperfections. They stand out to others. They garner attention. They cause people to look at us. They make us feel uncomfortable at times. Our imperfections are something the world sees. But do we see them for what they really are?











Through my imperfections, i have gained knowledge. That knowledge and experience has made me who i am today. It has made me capable of taking care of a wife and 4 miracle babies. Remember that our trials most times are blessings in disguise. Our imperfections, as we see them, are different in God’s eyes. Remember we are all different, and we all have a purpose. Embrace your imperfections and know God has made you who you are for a reason. Have faith in him always, and what you see as your imperfections will soon turn into your strengths! I promise!