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Indie and Esme


Indie and Esme have quite a story to tell! They are without a doubt our miracle twins, and the reason we still have all 4 of our girls! They are only 7 months old, but these tiny twins already have such an incredible story.  I want to share with you a little bit about our mellow twins! I’ll start with how and when we named them. 

Ashley was 20 weeks into the pregnancy when our specialist found these twins had developed TTTS(twin-twin transfusion syndrome). There are only a handful of surgeons that perform the life-saving surgery we needed. We booked our flight for LA that moment and flew out the next morning. Knowing there was a high chance we could lose not only this set of Twins, but both sets, we knew it was time to give our fighters a name. This was a critical surgery, and a life changing day for us. The girls needed names. As we prayed, and addressed God, we wanted to call them by those names as we asked for his help in saving their lives. 

Indie was named first. We had both loved that name, and as she was the smallest baby, we named her first. Her middle name we chose was Mae, after my Maternal Grandmother. There was not a stronger woman I ever met in this life than her, and we thought it appropriate at that time and very fitting. At the time, we thought she was the least I. Danger as she was the one receiving all the fluids. It was actually backwards though as her heart was working overtime to compensate for the extra fluids. 

Esme was named next. She was the twin giving all of her nutrients to Indie, and although we didn’t know at that time, she was actually in less danger than Indie at that time, even though we were stressing she wasn’t getting enough fluids. Her middle name given was Jane, after her cousin Stella Jane, who Ashley nannied for years as we struggled with infertility. She has a special place in our hearts. 

They now had names and we used them tirelessly as we prayed throughout the surgery day and following days. The rest is history! As you know God heard and answered our prayers, as well as our family and supporters prayers all over the world! The surgeon also played an integral part in their survival as he did what very few in this world could have. God blessed him with abilities to save lives. He did that on that memorable day in October. What a blessing we had just been given, but didn’t quite fully understand at the time! ( more stories to come on these subjects as i could talk for days on each one). 

From the beginning, these two fought for a chance to be here on this earth, and to me, it was an eye opener  and reminder of the struggles Ashley and I faced over the past 8 years. God showed us in that brief time what faith could do. He showed us the miracles and blessings that come through our trials. That brief moment in time was short compared to 8 years of infertility, but it put into perspective a lesson our Father in Heaven was trying to show us. 

The two were beacons of strength, but as they have grown, they’re humility hides that strength. Although they overcame incredible odds to survive and be here, they are the most mellow and reserved of the quads. Sometimes I look at them as they look at me and wonder what they know that I do not?? Their eyes are full of wisdom. Their faces stoic and calm. They indeed know something that most of us don’t. Personally, when I look at these faces, their calm demeanor tells me they know of Gods plan for all of us, and they fear nothing. They know struggle, but there is no fear. They know miracles, because they are a Miracle. They believe in God, because he held their hand on the way down to their earthly parents, and them being here is proof. 

We call them our sweet twins. Their pictures will tell you why. When they laugh, it’s subtle. When they smile, it’s reverent. When they cry, it’s soft. They are incredibly sweet and a little shy. I could go on for hours, but I’ll save that for another blog. 

These two have shown Ashley and I what faith in God can do. Miracles are real, and these two are proof! This is Indie and Esme, and they are in fact our sweet twins!