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Indie and Evangeline 3.30.15 Pulse Ox test results!


APRIL FOOLS!!!!!- But isn’t this the cutest picture ever???? I died when I was taking these! SOOOOO SWEET!

I did the exact opposite when the doctors office called me with the results! She said “They didn’t pass!” I said “This better be an April fools joke!”

So here is our story for this test…..

So Indie and Evie are our last ones left on oxygen and monitors and they had another pulse ox test on Monday to see if they were ready to come off! Once again we went through the whole procedure! We hook them up to the Pulse Ox machine to see what their oxygen saturation is reading at. We take off the oxygen and let it read for 12 hours over night. The goal is for the number to ride in the high 90’s! 100 is perfect! When we put the machine on I watched it closely to see how they were doing. They averaged between 87-92 the entire time occasionally dipping into the high 70’s. Dang! I just knew what the results were going to be but I didn’t want to admit it fully! We are SOOOO ready for all this to be gone! It’s been so nice having Esme and Scarlett off and being able to walk around with them and not untangling the babies constantly. indie ezzy

They came and picked up the monitors yesterday to download the information and send it to the doctor. They called today with the results and as I suspected they both failed. Darn it! But if they need it I am happy they can still have it! They can have it as long as they need to have it! But dang! That’s going to be a HUGE celebration day when they are finally all off and CORDLESS!

scarlett evie

On a happier note, I do take the time to take some fun photos of the babies all cord free right when we get them out of the bath! It’s so fun! If you know me at all you know that I love to pass my time playing dress up with these sweet baby dolls I have here! I mean there is one thing better than a photo shoot with a cute baby……a photo shoot with FOUR  cute babies! I love that Tyson is the same! When we took these pictures on Sunday it was because we were giving all the babies a bath and he looks at me and says ‘LET’S DO A PHOTO SHOOT WITH THEM BEFORE WE PUT THE OXYGEN BACK ON!’ HAHAHA of course I was like ‘YEAH!’ So we proceeded and got these beauties! indieezzyscarlettevie   We are eternally grateful for these sweet baby girls! even though currently they are all screaming as I write this! Uncle Jac and Daddy are doing their best to console them but it sounds like they just need their Mama! So I’m off to soothe the crying crew…..That might include Daddy tonight! I think he needs a nap too!