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Indie Comes Home

Thank you for all of the feedback from yesterdays blog! You guys are amazing and have shared so much love! Hopefully we can return the favor someday!

So I’ll just pick up where I left off!

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Ash and Indie were heading to Provo in the ambulance, and I was heading home. When I arrived, Madison and Oakland were in the kitchen to greet me. Garrison was passed out on my bed. My mom showed up about 5 minutes later on a break from her job. In that moment, knowing Mary Lou was with Ash and Indie, and all my family was at my house, I felt so comforted and loved. We have been so blessed to live so close to all of our family, and I would not trade that for anything in the world. It was what both Ashley and I needed that night!

I visited with my family for the next hour, just going over what had happened, and what the plan was moving forward. I was waiting on a call from Ashley to give me the update from the new doctor. It was good to have my family there to distract me so I didn’t worry too much.

Ash did finally call, and it was good news. Indie had done fine on the ride down, no additional medication was needed, and she was breathing on her own just fine. They were going to keep her overnight and through the morning just as a precaution, and we were both very fine with that. They had a room all ready for them before they got there, and the on call doctor was waiting. They did all the tests and assessment, and things were progressing well. Ash told me to stay home with the kids, and her mother would stay there with her and Indie. I agreed this was a good idea, so the other kids wouldn’t wake up and be confused!

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My mom went back to work, and Madison and Oakland left. Garrison told me he’d stay just in case something happened and I needed to leave again. I was very grateful. He stayed in my room listening for Esme, and I went on the guest bed across the hall from Evie and Scarlett. I didn’t sleep. I prayed to my Father in Heaven thanking him for letting us get Indie to the hospital, and having her recover from that episode. Im positive Ashley and her mother did the same before they rested.

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On the other end, Ash and Mary Lou were taking turns comforting Indie, who a trooper the whole time. She was so brave. Brave like a Zeeba! Ash said they crashed around 4am and got a little sleep before the morning rounds.

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My sister in law Rachel, who is married to Jackson and mom to Mack was working that night at Utah Valley. She’s a nurse in the maternity wing. She was so sweet and brought Ash breakfast early that morning. Ashley, her mom and Indie were out cold, but she texted me telling me how precious they looked and that they were sleeping so sound, she didn’t want to wake them. Again we see the love from our family without even asking. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.


The girls were up early at the house. Garrison being the awesome brother he is, took them all downstairs and made them breakfast and played with them, so I could rest. I cant tell you how much it helped having him there that night and morning. The girls were also very happy, as they had a fun uncle over to play instead of boring mom  and dad! LOL

Ash called me about 10am and let me know that the doctors said everything was looking good, and they were going to release Indie at noon after rounds. That was music to my ears, and I could tell Ashley was relieved to come home. Everything was looking great, and Indie had kept progressing  through the early morning giving them good reason to send her home. That little fighter was in high spirits.

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They got her all loaded up in a fun wagon, and paraded her down to the car. She thought she was quite a princess on display. I think she was just happy that mom told her she was going home to see her sissies!

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On the drive home, Ash called and told me Indie had one request; Chicken Noodle Soup!  I was a little overwhelmed because Ashley always makes that dish. Her recipe is Indie’s favorite! I’ve never even cooked it once! Garrison stayed with the girls and I ran to the store to grab everything I needed. Upon their arrival home, I had the soup boiling, and I’m proud to say, that it turned out amazing!

When Indie walked through the door, it was like we hadn’t seen her in a week! She rand down the entry way into my arms! I squeezed her for only about two seconds before her sisters had surrounded us. This is the picture of all of us welcoming her home. You can hardly see her because we were all squeezing her so much!

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Needless to say, Indie had a whole house full of people wanting hugs!

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All was well again in the Gardner home; we were all together again, just how it should be. How grateful we are to our Father in Heaven for his gracious love and blessings. We were so thankful for family who stepped in without question. We have been overwhelmed over the past few day from visits from friends and neighbors checking in on Indie, and asking if mom and dad needed anything. We are seriously a blessed family, and I cant seem to shake one of my favorite hymns, “Because I Have Been Given Much I Too Must Give”. I know our Father in Heaven will provide us with opportunities to serve others as well. Im grateful for those who served us this weekend. Thank you all!


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