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Indie Mae Gardner

















I thought i’d do a little blog about each of the girls just giving some highlights, details, personality, and extra info you don’t get everyday on each of the quads. That way you guys get a little extra info on their personalities, and i get to kind of journal things so i don’t forget them! Hope you enjoy!

Today we will start with Indie!



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Indie was the first of our daughters that was named. A little detail behind the reasoning; we knew when we traveling to Los Angeles to have surgery on her and Esme, that they needed a name. We wanted to be able to address them by name when praying to our Father in Heaven at that point. Both twins were given their names, Indie first, as she was in the most danger at that time!








Indie’s middle name Mae comes from my Grandmother on my mother’s side, Edna Mae. She was one of the most incredible people i’ve ever known. She could be the most loving, caring, and thoughtful person, and at the same time whip you into shape in the blink of an eye if she felt it was needed. She was a great role model to me of love, faith, hard-work, conviction, truth, kindness, and strength. I spent many days with her growing up, developing a bond. I have the fondest memories of my grandma, and i am grateful for that relationship. We knew when we were naming Indie under the circumstances we were, that it was only fitting her middle name be Mae, after Edna Mae. So far, Indie has lived up to her namesake as she has been one tough cookie from day one!!










Indie was our first born, and also our smallest baby. She was born at 1 lb and 13 ounces, but got down to 1 lb and 6 ounces after birth. 










Indie was at the bottom of the pile during pregnancy, holding all of her sisters in as long as she could! Ashley sometimes affectionately refers to her as “the plug”. 










Although our smallest, Indie has consistently been one of our most talkative, and at times loudest baby. Size makes no difference for this little spitfire. She’ll let you know just hows she’s feeling at any given moment. She has consistently let her sisters know who’s the oldest!










Indie is our most Independent daughter at this point. She loves to do her own thing. When we let the girls run wild, you’ll usually find Indie by herself in the corner with a book, or in front of the tv listening to her songs. While the other girls are running wild, Indie is doing her thing!










Indie is a momma’s girl. She loves her momma. She loves to snuggle her momma. When she is sad, she looks for her momma. She was our first to really het jealous when mom would hold one of the other girls. It was almost sad, but more cute.









Indie was the last to walk, but first to talk. She’s very smart. I just watch her sometimes, and i can see her just studying everything, including people. She watches her sisters, and then reacts. She literally thinks about what she’s going to do before  she does it. It has been very interesting to watch.










Indie is so sweet. I think that is why she has the nickname “Pie”. She’s just as sweet as  pie. She’ll give you a smile if you want one. She’s cuddle with you, if the mood is right. She always plays nice with her sisters, and she loves everyone. She’s just a sweet girl!











Hope you enjoyed a few extra stories about our Indie Mae!