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Indie Mae

Indie Mae, waits to come home.

What a week it has been! We have 3 of our 4 girls home, and they seem to be thriving! We are really enjoying having them here and finally being able to be parents outside of the NICU! As great as it has been, we still have little Indie Mae in the NICU, and you don’t feel complete without her here.

It’s been difficult going back and forth making sure all the girls have enough attention from mom and dad and all are being held and loved. Thank goodness for family and friends that pitch in and give you help where it is needed! We are truly blessed by those who surround us.

68As hard as it has been to have Indie down in Provo alone, we know it is the best place for her right now, and she is actually thriving. She has hit her 4lb weight, and is starting to take consecutive feedings. She’s letting us know that even though she is our smallest, she can still do the same things her sisters can! This has been a relief for us as we’ve feared she might dip a little with all her sisters gone and less time with mom and dad at the NICU because we have 3 at home to provide full time care for now. We were wrong!

She has proved to us time and time again how strong and determined she is. She definitely has a fierce spirit, and we know she will be here with us in no time, not only keeping up with her sisters, but leading the way in her role as the eldest!

It has been a blessing to us to watch her, even before birth when we had to fly to LA for the TTTS surgery at 20 weeks gestation. There was a real possibility her and Esme would not make it. That was the first glimpse she gave us of her fighting spirit, and we have grown to know that she will always give us that glimpse, and then some! She’s our Indie Mae; our little fierce fighter!indie