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Indie Mae’s ER Story

First of all, thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. We know that our Father in Heaven has heard each and every one, and that is why Indie is here with us! She is such a little fighter and has overcome many obstacles, with all your needed prayers!

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What was almost in the chapter books as a very boring Friday night spent at home with the kids, quickly turned into a nightmare we don’t ever want to re-live! We had spent the day at the house, except for a brief hour at the park with the kiddos. We ordered pizza in, and the family spent the night watching scary movies before bed. They all went down pretty quickly and soundly, as we let them stay up a little late.

As I was getting ready for bed, brushing my teeth, I heard a weird noise coming from the hall. Ashley was on the bed reading a book. I poked my head out to see what was going on and walked out into the hall. As I got closer to Indie and Esme’s room, I could hear one of them weezing for a breath. I opened the door and quickly moved straight to the source, Indie’s bed. She was struggling to sit up and wheezing for air. I snatched her up and quickly ran to our bedroom and handed her off to Ash proclaiming “she can’t breathe”. Ashley instantly wrapped a blanket around her and rushed downstairs and out onto the porch. The girls have had croup before, and we knew the cold air helps open up the airways. Our stomachs churned and a lump came up in the back of our throats… it was not working this time! By the time Ash got onto the porch, we could see Indie’s complexion had turned a light shade of blue from lack of oxygen. Ash yelled, “Get in the car, we’re going to the ER!”

By the time I found my shoes, she was already in the car with Indie. She knew we had no time to spare we needed to go in that very moment, and I knew it too. Mother’s intuition is a real thing, I ‘ve seen it! As I was jumping in the car, I was dialing Madison’s phone. She didn’t answer. I hung up and called Garrison, he did. I explained what was happening, and told him to rush to our house to be with the other kids. Luckily he lives 5 minutes away. I locked the doors and we left.

I asked Ashley if I should speed, she said yes. I knew I was going to anyway but wanted her blessing. At that moment, she said Indie was getting worse. She had the window open, but Indie was starting to panic a bit. I told her to say a prayer out loud. She prayed to our Father in Heaven, asking him to bless Indie to breathe again and make it to the hospital. She also asked that we make it there safe. She knew I was speeding.

We live about 8 minutes from the hospital. I think I made it there in less than 4. It was about 12:30 am when we left the house. The roads were pretty bare. I remember turning a corner and seeing a car coming our way. At that hour, I knew it had to be a cop and prepared for what I was going to tell him. I blew past him doing 60 mph in a 35 mph zone but he didn’t flinch. He just kept driving down that 35 mph road. God made us invisible at that moment.

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We pulled up to the Emergency wing of the hospital, and I parked right at the door. We both ran in the building, Ashley clutching Indie wrapped in our blanket. By the time she got Indie into the hospital lights, we could see she has started turning a darker shade of blue. I was scared out of my wits. Ashley ran to the desk and screamed: ” She can’t breathe!!” The man took her name and escorted us back immediately. But relief had not come yet. He asked us to sit while they got a room. My mind started racing. Luckily it was about 6 seconds before a nurse came in and escorted us to a room. She saw the terror on our faces. Before Ashley had even sat on the hospital bed with Indie, 6 medical staff were there, including the attending. He looked and listened, and ordered a dose of epinephrine. They put the oxygen mask on her immediately and were hooking up all the wires to her to gain access to her vitals. We sat and waited for them to say something. Finally I asked if she was going to be alright. The doctor told me “You’re not going home tonight”.

I stepped back and let them do their jobs. The doctor ordered another dose of epinephrine, the first didn’t bring her all the way back to where she needed to be, but her stats were coming up, thankfully. At that point, he told us what was going on. She had croup, and from his lips, “the worst case I have ever seen”. Those are words you don’t ever want to hear, especially talking about your child. He told us what he had given her, and that he was also ordering a steroid that they would administer shortly after. He told us we would be there for observation overnight due to her vitals upon arrival, and that he was going to talk with the on call pediatrician before he made any more decisions. He left at that point, and the nurses and respiratory therapist took over for a bit.

They did their work, getting numbers and stats, and monitoring Indies progress. By this time, she had begun to breathe easily, and her oxygen was back to a normal level. Ashley and I started to breathe ourselves. The doctor then came back in and told us that they were transferring her to Utah Valley Hospital, as a precaution for observation. The have a pediatric wing there, and all the doctors were in agreement. He told us he was going to get them all the info, and they requested her to ride via ambulance in case her stats dropped again. They didn’t trust her at this point. He said the ambulance would be there to pick us up in 30 minutes. Ashley and I were ok with that decision, as that was the hospital the girls were born in, and we knew well the exceptional care she would recieve there. We waited for the ambulance.

At this point, I made phone calls. One to Garrison to make sure he was at the house and the kids were ok and two more to each our parents to update them on what was going on.

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After the calls, I went back into the room and Ashley was talking with the doctor and nurses. He was basically updating her on what had happened, that it was croup, that it was serious, and that they needed to monitor closely and wanted to do it at the big hospital in Provo. The ambulance would take us down there, so they could monitor on the way, and they already had called ahead and had a room set up, and a doctor waiting for Indie.

The ambulance arrived right on time at that point, and they asked me if I had a car seat for Indie. I didn’t even think of that, but luckily we took the suburban and I did. I brought it over, and they secured it to the gurney. Crazy to watch that. I’ve never seen that. They took all the precautions.

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We watched as they loaded Indie into the ambulance, and of course, Mama bear was right there with her. She wasn’t leaving her side! The other thing that amazed me was how tough Indie was being. She hadn’t cried once through the whole ordeal.  She kept her composure better than we did. She is such a fighter, and we were reminded again of how strong this little girl really is. God was showing us something maybe we had forgotten. He was also showing us again what faith in him had brought us. Maybe it was a reminder we needed that day.

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Ashley and I decided that Mary Lou would follow them down to the hospital and be with Ashley, and I would go home and make sure the kids were ok. The hardest part for both of us I think was not being with all of our children at once. I hate that feeling. It took me back to the NICU release days where we had to split them up for the first time. Life is full of hard trials, but also lessons learned. God was listening to us all night, and talking right back. We are very grateful for how things turned out compared to what they could have been.

I’m writing all of this in real time and posting as soon as I’m done. I’ll finish part two tomorrow, and post immediately. Please check out the vlog from this night. Ashley and I both tell you in real time emotion our thoughts. It is posted below.