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Indie’s Head Update

Hello everyone! Thank you all for your love and support of our sweet Indie Pie! I also appreciate your patience with the updates. I thought I’d get a quick blog up today outlining all the events and giving you the current update on Indie. Im not going to post any pictures however to save those who don’t want to see the gory details. Here you go!

On the last day of our Orlando trip, while in the airport, Indie fell and hit her head on a metal border of a window. It was a pretty good bonk, and I noticed blood right away after picking her up. It was scary for a minute. The good news is that she never lost consciousness, got dizzy, or vomited. She just cried, which actually was a good sign. After about 2 minutes, the blood stopped as well, which was another positive sign. Luckily, there was a nurse sitting at the end of our row we were occupying. She came right over and gave assistance, which was very sweet. She looked at the wound and told us Indie would probably need staples, but thought we could go ahead and fly home and get them done there.

The airport was very helpful as well, and called their EMT’s in to assess as well. They gave us the option of visiting the local hospital and getting her staples don’t there, but also gave us the option to head home and do them there, as Indie was responsive and not critical. The airline also gave us the green light to board the plane and fly home.

We had called and talked with our doctors Nurse in the meantime, and got her thoughts as well. Everyone put our minds at ease, and told us all would be well. WE decided we would head home and let our regular physician take care of Indie.

We boarded the flight, all the other kids did great, and Indie just rested on her mamas lap the whole flight. She was so strong and sweet!

After arriving at our house, our doctor was kind enough to meet us there for a house call as it was late in the evening, and give Indie another look, and his assessment, which was the same as all the others. She needed a few staples.

He brought with him all the necessities, sterile tools, and medicine. Its like he was a trained doctor and knew exactly what he was doing!!! ( This is sarcasm for the haters LOL).

He cleaned the wound thoroughly, re-assessed, and then proceeded with the staples. By the end, she needed ten staples total. She was such a trooper and didn’t even flinch until the 8th staple. Then she just cried for a minute, and it was done. The doc was surprised how calm and well she did for her age and the procedure.  She did so great, and so did the doctor and mommy for helping assist! We are very blessed to have such a wonderful doctor who has been hands on and there for our family from the beginning!

Flash forward to today, Indie is doing great! Her wound has healed perfectly, and she gets her staples out tomorrow! The doctor has stopped by the house 2 times since giving the staples to check on her, each time giving her a thumbs up! Im assuming he’ll give the same assessment tomorrow when he removes the staples, and Indie runs off to play with her sissies!

Thank you to all of you who have been a true support to our family, not just in this small instance, but since the beginning. Many of you have loved and accepted our family as your own from day one, and don’t think that doesn’t go unnoticed. Ashley and I keep you all in our prayers nightly, as we know you are a huge reason our family is here. Your prayers were answered at one point when we needed them the most, and we are forever in your debt. Thank you, we love you!

So, there you go! Indie’s update is complete! She’s doing great! I asked her if she wanted to add anything to this blog, and she blew a kiss. So there you go, a kiss from Indie! That’s a good note to end on!