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Indie's Top 5 Favorite Things

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Having a little fun today, I thought I’d give you glimpse into each of the girls personalities by showing you a few of their favorite things! We’ll start off with Indie, and i’ll follow up with each little one for the next couple of days! Here we go:

  1. Hairbrushes

Indie absolutely loves brushing anybody’s hair, but mom is her favorite! Probably due to the fact that hers is so long. I constantly try to get her to comb my hair, because it kind of tickles, but she always makes her way over to mom. On the flip side, Ash is always trying to get her to do mine, because she is usually pulling all of hers out! LOL. Its pretty comical.

2. Candy

If you want to motivate this girl, just promise her a piece of candy, and she’ll move a mountain! LOL. But don’t think she’ll fall for any old thing; she has her favorites! Fruit by the Foot, or  otherwise known as a “snake”. Starburst Jelly beans, specifically strawberry flavor, she’s just like her mom. And last but not least, licorice, specifically Red Vines! You can pretty much see she takes after Ash not me in the candy department. No chocolate? What’s up with that????

3. Puzzles

Indie is so darn smart! She can figure out any puzzle we throw in front of her, and usually within a few minutes! She loves figuring out the shapes, and most recently has moved on to numbers and letters. Once finished, she’ll dump them out and start again! Love seeing her little mind at work!

4. Riding her Tricycle

Out of all the girls, Indie picked this up on the first try. She figured out the peddles all on her own, and when she gets on she’s gone! Its hilarious to watcher her ride this thing. She puts her head down and just goes, and when she looks up, she has the famous Indie smile just beaming! She also rides so fast she reminds me of the Miss Gulch from the Wizard of Oz! LOL.

5. Her Mom and Dad

Indie is truly a Mommy and Daddy’s girls. She definitely plays both sides really well, and knows who to go to when she wants something! She can be very sweet and cuddly with mama, or rambunctious and crazy with daddy. She’s very smart and knows the differences between the two of us!

I hope you enjoyed this tiny glimpse of Indie! Plenty more to come!

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