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Today has been one of those days! We’ve had a pretty hectic schedule the past few weeks, and today had a few extra tasks that really bogged down our tag-team parenting effort! I let Ashley sleep because she was up working late, and me and the girls ran errands early getting the little things checked off the list!

We got home, had some lunch and Ashley and I put the kiddos to bed. We both worked on some of our tasks for the day. Nap time is really work time for mom and dad! I felt like I got a lot of business stuff done, but the house was suffering a bit.

Just as I got a second wind to do some house work, little Evie decided she wanted a little one on one time with Dad! How could I resist! Grandma and Hugsy also stopped by, so we visited and played for the next hour as the other 3 slowly followed suit with Evie and joined the party!

Grandma and Hugsy had to leave to make it to Oakland’s last football game, and Mom had to head out to a photo shoot for our business. That left me all alone with the kids for the night! Im not going to lie,  most nights, I really feel like I can handle it alone. Tonight proved I was not ready!

I decided to take the kids for a wagon ride to wear out some energy, let them explore and see a different surrounding for the day, and pass a little time until dinner. It was a great walk for the kiddos, they really were animated and having fun! It was also nice for me to get some fresh air, not worry about work, and just enjoy some precious time with the kids!


One of their favorite things is collecting leaves, and im pretty sure they filled the wagon by the time we got home! I think its a sign they love Fall as much as their daddy!

We got home, I unloaded them from the wagon into their high chairs. The girls ate a “quick dinner” as I prepared a “real dinner” for Ashley and I. Sometimes we get so caught up in taking care of the girls that we like to prepare ourselves a late dinner so we can enjoy our time together catching up on the day and having husband and wife time.

This is about the time my energy levels gave out. As I was quickly declining, the girls energy and emotions were on the rise. Bored with dinner, and getting a little cranky, they all decided to let me know their feelings. Im pretty sure all the neighbors knew it was bedtime over here.

I turned the stove down to low, so not to burn our food, and one by one carried the girls up to the play room. This is where we have our nightly routine of getting the girls changed into their pajamas as they watch a little show and calm down. This was not the case tonight. As I was changing each baby (they all decided this was the perfect time to poop for the day), the other babies continually kept trying to get into the dirty diapers and kept running off with the pajamas I needed for the one I was dressing. Imagine this scene times 4. I had nothing left in the tank. The girls could sense this too. They smell fear.

By the time I finished the last baby, my forehead was covered in sweat, I had dirty diapers hidden in my shirt so the girls couldn’t get at them, and the house was a complete disaster. If any of you know me at all, you know that panic set in at this moment. Usually I tidy up as we go throughout the day, but with Ash being gone most of the day, and me catching up with work and entertaining the kids alone, the house suffered.

Here’s a few visuals so you know I’m not lying. It pains me to look at these photos.

As I rested there on the floor contemplating my next move, a book came hurling at my head! Although I felt like crying, I looked up and saw 2 of the munchkins standing over me smiling. All the panic, tiredness, and grief left my body in an instant; because at the end of the day, what really matters? Those smiles on the kiddos faces. I just enjoyed that moment, with a huge lump on my head!

Today really beat me up physically and emotionally, but seeing the girls happy at the end of day really put things into perspective for me. There may be dirty dishes in the sink, and the laundry may be piling up, but that’s ok. My kids are happy, and I got to spend some real quality time with them today. I hope they remember days like these, because I know I will!


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