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Leaving on a Jet Plane











So today is Ashley’s Birthday, and I’m taking her away for some much needed R&R! I decided to pick a destination that neither of us had been so we could enjoy the trip together experiencing everything for the first time together!

I chose Seattle. Neither of us have ever been to the Northwest, and it has always been a place we’ve wanted to see! So here we come!


I’ve planned out several activities and sites to visit, as well as scheduling a day to just bum around and do nothing if we want. I don’t know if we’ll get to everything, but I hope Ashley enjoys the time away with her husband, and gets to relax for just a few days!










As excited as we are to get a break, it is also at the same time very nerve-wracking leaving the girls. We are with them everyday, all day, and its hard to detach ourselves and just go!

Luckily, they are in good hands with several family members that know them well, and they are comfortable with. Im hoping they have so much fun while we are away, they wont even notice we are gone! LOL. That probably means no Facetime!

We’ll keep you updated on the vlog and social!


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