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Making a house a home-Taking a stab at gardening

For weeks now Tyson has been saying how we needed to plant some flowers for our back patio! Now that it is summer time we spend a lot of time out there and our view- other than the girls- was getting old! We ran out one day when we had a baby sitter to grab some stuff to plant! We decided to do pots because we just rent right now and we thought that it was probably not a great idea to dig up the yard! Haha 

I am a sucker for anything red, white and blue! So of course I needed at least those colors in my pot! I have never really gardened before but when I was about 12 my parents were planning a wedding for one of my sisters. She wanted her reception in our yard at the house we grew up in so my mom started fixing up the yard to make it perfect. Now I was 12 and didn’t care much about what was going on but I rode in the car everywhere with my mom, my uncle and my aunt to get everything we needed for the yard. I didn’t think I would remember much about that time because it feels like forever ago but once I started digging into that pot all my knowledge came rushing back! I just knew what to do! 

I had so much fun planing the pots and the girls sat out back with me in their bouncers wondering when their turn to play in the dirt would come- Soon girls, very soon! 

I think for a first timer I did pretty good, what do you think? 




Now their is a little more beauty in our corner of the world!