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Meet and Greet With Minky Couture (Discount Code Too)

Guys! Its that time again! Minky Couture is giving our followers an amazing Mothers day deal, so copy and paste this link and send it to your guy right now!!! Done? Okay, Good!

Ok lets start this conversation with the fact that Minky Couture named a Minky blanket after each of the girls!!! How cute are these?

The Indie
The Esme
The Scarlett
The Evie



















Most of these patterns come in different colors as well and you can get them in different sizes all the way up to a Monster size! 

So now this is the question for you….What blanket is your favorite?

This one is mine and it is called The Gardner and I am in love with the pattern! I think it is so beautiful!

The Gardner
The Gardner









So many people ask what sizes the girls use and what sizes Tyson and I use so here is the breakdown.

The girls use to use the infant size when they first came home. I also still like the infant size for their car seat blankets because they fit perfectly without hanging too far over the edges and dragging or getting stuck when I snap them into their car seat base. But they now sleep with the tween size blanket. The tween size is the size of a crib so It works great to keep them warm at night and its not too much blanket for their beds.


Tyson and I usually use the Monster size blankets or the grande, I mean, go big or go home right? hahah Like I always say, If they made these in King size It would be my bedding for my bed. Tyson and I both have to sleep with our own Minky every night….We are addicted!



So here is the discount breakdown for you….

Meet and Greet-Today-April 14th 2016

  • Our whole little family will be at the Orem Utah Minky Couture store located at 546 South State Street in Orem for 1-3PM for a Meet and Greet! I hope to see most of you there!
  • They will have all their regular priced blankets marked down 50% in ALL stores and online with code ‘Gardner50’ AND everyone will get a free Mini Minky with their purchase Thursday only (find all sizing for blankets on their website here
  • They will have refreshments from Kneaders there for everyone
  • There will be 3 gift basket drawings- A Mommy and Me Basket which includes a Monster, infant and a mini. A Single Monster Basket and a Single Adult size blanket basket. 

Mother’s Day Promotion

They will be offering a 45% off Mothers day code from April 15th-May 8th

Use code ‘hugs4mom45’ on your order. This give you enough time to order for your mamas and if you would like to custom order a blanket you should get it on time. 

I am one who thinks Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all women. After all we are all Mothers in one way or another. Mother’s Day was always such a tough day for me when I was going through infertility and I remember the year that my now sister in law (she wasn’t my sister in law then) came over and brought me a present, some flowers and a letter. It means so much to me and I had such a great day. So make this Mother’s Day a day to celebrate all women in your life, Mothers, Grandmothers, Mother In Law, Daughters and Sister, Nieces, Friend and any other girl in your life. 


Here are the blankets we got our moms for mothers day this year. We made them take the pictures so you could see and then quickly forget that was their gift. haha 

Mimi and Scarlett
Grandma and Scarlett










I hope you guys have a great day and let us know what blankets you end up getting. We sure are a Minky family and we can’t get enough.