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Mimi's Memory Of Our TTTS Surgery

I wanted to share with you my experience of the events of October 2014. It was the most terrifying, fearful, testimony building and faith increasing time in my live…so much has happened since then but I never want to forget and will forever be grateful for the blessings we received during that fateful week 3 years ago.

Looking back, it was a year ago today,(now 3 yrs ago) as Ashley, Tyson and I flew to LA for surgery on our precious babies. It was the most frightening and tearful time in my life. Ash was in so much pain, her contractions were long and hard. Little Esme’s bladder had disappeared and Indie’s was huge as they eventually drained off a full liter of extra fluid from her. They were in critical condition. Ashley was continuing to dilate and at only 20 weeks, if the girls were born, they would do nothing to save them….we would lose them all; the very thought was unbearable. Feeling utter hopelessness, fear and despair, we did the only thing left to do—we put it gently in God’s hands. We didn’t sleep at all that night, we cried, we paced, we prayed individually and together, as Les and Whit put it out on Facebook to update her followers an amazing thing happened….we began to receive messages of people praying for Ash and the babies from all walks of life. From every conceivable religion and from different countries all over the world. We got messages from a women that had drifted away from God for almost 15 yrs but hearing the news she fell to her knees pleading for Heavenly Father to save these babies lives. We got prayers typed out on her page and as we read each one– and there were thousands– That came all night and into the next day…we begin to feel hope, our faith was lifted up on the backs of so many of you, dear friends and family and also these new and treasured friends. We felt the POWER of good people everywhere begging God to save the girls lives and we were buoyed up. How do we thank all those people that we have never even meet for coming together in faith and prayer, leaving all differences behind and pleading with a kind Father in Heaven to save “our” babies lives. We know, without doubt, that God heard those prayers and for reasons only known to Him, against all odds, they were saved. We now, in hind sight, can see his Hand ever present in preserving their lives. We were so blessed to have Great Doctors on every level, loving and knowledgeable nurses and staff, scientific technology that made our journey possible and successful. Yes, Indie, Esme, Scarlett and Evangeline…you have a great heritage…may we teach you of it and may you be a light for Our Dear Savior, Jesus Christ in helping to bring others unto Him. 

Some might dismiss this as coincidence or simply science…but i must declare, Our Savior, Jesus Christ, had a hand in this, I felt it, I knew it at the time and i know it now.

Don’t miss out…reading Ashley’s detailed account of this experience along with the miracles that happened to strengthen and comfort her during this difficult week.


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