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Mom Introduces the Girls to Our Piano

Ashley and I are both lovers of music. We love all genres, ages, and styles. Ashley was raised with a piano in the home and took lessons when she was younger. I spent my time thumbing through Sam Goody and the BMG catalog contemplating my next CD purchase. We both wished we had been more involved with music ourselves when we were younger, and are hoping that the girls will grow a love and appreciation for music as we have. We don’t care what instrument they want to play, we just want them to at least play one!

The girls were super emotional this morning, but mom had spent all night last nigh getting the piano room ready to show the girls, and we were hoping it would do the trick to get them interested in something and in a happier spirit!

As soon as mom opened the door to the piano room, they all shot in their like rockets. I think initially they were just excited to see what behind the door, but when they got in there, the piano captured all of their attention. 


One by one they tried to pull themselves up on the bench to get a better view. Mom assisted until all four were staring at the keys. After they were all on the bench, they just sat there for a moment as if they were wondering, “What do we do now?”

Mom hit the first few keys, and it was all downhill form there! They remembered what this thing actually does from the times they spent at Grandmas house. Although our piano looks different than Grandma’s, they all realized that it was just as fun!




Ashley and I just sat back and watched all of their smiling faces and little tiny fingers hustling to hit the next key. Of course Esme was the first to stand up and start exploring what was underneath the top cover. 


The sheer excitement we’ve seen them get while playing grandmas piano, and now ours really gets Ashley and I excited that music could be something they could love and appreciate! I hope the future holds many recitals and concerts for both us as parents and the children to appreciate and enjoy!


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