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Monday Reflections

Mondays are always the hardest days of the week for me! We’re usually coming on a very relaxing Sunday spent with loved ones doing nothing but enjoying their company and time spent with family. We try not to work or do anything too strenuous on those days, and just let the day pass as it will. Sundays are lovely. I think that’s what makes Mondays all the more difficult! Going from one end of the spectrum to the other overnight can cause your body and mind to delay a bit!

That being said, it is usually on Monday when I find myself the most reflective. Today I’ve spent almost the entire day chasing children, cleaning up messes, working in the office, doing laundry, and grocery shopping; I’ve done a lot of reflecting during that time. I want to share my thoughts of what is of continual importance to me in my life!

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My relationship with my wife- Every day I find that I am working to make my relationship better. There is never a day I wake up and say to myself, “Everything is right in the world, I think I’ll take the day off!” As a matter of fact, I’m sure my wife would wholeheartedly agree that we work on our marriage every day! Knowing that each and every day I actually have to put forth an effort and try, has only made my marriage better over the years. This constant reminder has made me a better person, and allowed me to reach for goals that I would have never thought possible. Our family starts with our relationship. Everything grows from it. Whether we nurture and love it or neglect it, the fruit is evident. I’m grateful that we have a relationship as equals. The mutual respect we have for each other has allowed our marriage to grow and prosper. In turn, it has made us stronger parents. The ultimate goal is that through our example, our children can see how we treat each other as a couple, and hopefully know what a good marriage is. Once again, the key remains the same; it takes work every single day!

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My relationship with my children- Growing up, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my Father. I only got to see a glimpse of who he was, and experience even less. This in turn has led me to always long for that relationship that will never be in this life. Fortunately for me, this shortcoming has brought with it a positive. I always promised myself I would be present and accountable in my children’s lives. Not only that, I would give them every bit of love I have, and always be in their lives supporting and encouraging them. My relationship with my wife aside, there is no other relationship more important that that of my relationship with my children. And as if I was reading the same chapter in a book, that relationship as well takes an effort each and every day. I’ve found in this short time with my children that what I put into our relationship, I get out. The love I express, is returned 4 fold! The care, tenderness, and concern is  matched. Just as I greet them in the morning, they greet me upon my return home. Children are extremely smart, and even more loyal. They know when they are loved, trusted, cared for, respected, and listened to. My goal every morning is to remember that.

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My relationship with my Heavenly Father- How can you thank somebody that has given you everything you have ever dreamed of in this life and the next? My heart and mind always come up with the same answer; keep his commandments. I have been given everything from my Father in Heaven, and he asks so little of me. Obedience is such a small price to pay for all that he has given and will give to me. How humbled I am daily for his love and trust he has for me. Though I am human and error, frequently, he never loses sight of what he sees in me. Can you imagine the amount of confidence that gives a child? I am eternally thankful for the life he has given me, and the life to come.

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My relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ- Each and every one of us has our own trials in this life. Some of them we share, and some of them are different. Most we overcome, and some hold on to us for longer. Each one has the ability to shape us for better or worse. There are many variables, and circumstances and relationships always play a role. What I’ve come to realize in my short life is that there is one who understands all of our trials and experiences completely, because he has suffered for them all. Our savior Jesus Christ knows our hearts and minds better than we know the color of the sky. He knows our thoughts and our actions like he has been in our shoes. He knows our trials and our pain, because he has suffered them all. Words cannot describe the relationship we have with our savior. There hasn’t been one trial in my life that I haven’t overcome because of him. Knowing what he went through on the cross and in the garden makes my trials seem so small. Although I know each trial bears weight, I know I can overcome them because he overcame the world. The strength that I  gather each time I hear his name speaks volumes for what he represents in my life. There is nothing in this life or the next that cannot be overcome with Christ by our side. He is the Prince of Peace, the Savior of the world, the True Messiah, and the Rock upon which I build. There will never come a time I turn for peace, and him not answer. I love my savior Jesus Christ with all of my heart and mind and consider myself a disciple in his work. How humbling this thought is as I type these simple words.

This is all I have for today’s blog. I hope that you have enjoyed my simple thoughts I have shared this evening. I love you all and appreciate the relationship we share.