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Most Frequently Asked Questions Are Answered




Q. When are the babies due?

      A. The actual due date is March 11th but Quads won’t last the full 40 weeks so they expect the babies to be here around Christmas or New Years!

Q.  What are the sexes of the babies?

       A.  We are having 2 sets of identical twin girls!

Q. Do you have an instagram?

      A. Yes! 

Q. Do you have a Youtube Channel?

     A. Yes! Go subscribe to our channel for lots of video updates! 

Q. What are you going to name your 4 baby girls?

      A. We have NO IDEA at this time. 🙂

Q. Why have you gone public about your journey?

     A. I want to get the word out on infertility. It is a very hushed topic because it is so painful. I just want people to know that they are not alone. I want to give hope to anyone who is going through infertility.


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