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Mother Knows Best

no one takes mothers placeMothers Day is upon us, and it has given me a chance to reflect on all the Mothers who have influenced my life. There are many, and each one of them has brought something so special and different to my life. For me, it is miraculous what these women do each day as they take on the responsibilities that the title Mother gives to them. I am astounded when I look back at all the accomplishments I have seen these Mothers compile under their belt. The word Mother has more definitions to me than any other word. When I ponder these definitions, I truly know how special a Mother is.

mom superhero

When I was a kid, I remember all my friends or cousins would get together and we would all pick what superhero we wanted to be. Superman, Batman, and He-Man made the top picks. As I got older it turned into Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Charles Barkley. It’s so funny to me how the years of your life give you perspective. I thought all these men were the most incredible people I could learn about. At 33, I n0w know better. If me and all my friends and cousins got together today, our choices I’m sure would be different. Instead of Superman we’d pick our wives; instead of Batman our Sister, and He-Man, well lets just say he can’t do the things Grandma can! Mothers have always been superheroes, I’m sure; I just wish I would have know a little sooner!

I’ll never forget my Grandmothers. How special they are to me. They taught me so much about life that I still learn today. Do you ever have a moment where you finally realize something, and ten minutes later remember your grandmother told you what you just realized 10 years ago!! Me too. Grandmothers are not only full of knowledge from life, they are full of love. I can honestly say that my grandmothers loved me unconditionally and no matter how many mistakes I made, they always were looking for a hug when I walked in the door. Think about how important that is for a child. The confidence and self-esteem that these grandmothers give us, to me is priceless. I remember both of them always telling me I could be anything I wanted to be. Always encouraging, always loving, always positive. I wonder if that’s why you always feel happy when you’re at Grandmas? The simple psychology behind a grandmothers actions could work miracles on the world. I wonder if we all treated each other like this, what the world would look like?

How grateful I am for my own Mother and for Ashley’s Mother. These two have more experience in their fingers than Ashley and I do in our lives combined! The relationship you have with your own Mother is sacred. They carried you in their womb. They gave birth to you. They cared for you. They taught you right from wrong, how to treat people, how to be responsible and work hard. They taught you how to forgive others, to be compassionate, and most importantly how to love. Mothers are love. Ashley and I both owe almost all we are to these two women, and how special it is for us to watch them become the Grandmother. Our Mothers are now our children’s grandmothers. That special relationship we had with our grandmothers, our children will now have with them. And more importantly, we get to witness something new. Our understanding of them as mothers will now grow and develop further as we watch them love and be a part of our children’s lives. Isn’t this life wild?????

This will be my favorite Mothers Day yet. Maybe for all time. Everything that I’ve mentioned above, Ashley finally gets to be a part of this year. This is something she has prayed for as long as I’ve known her. This year, when we attend church, she will be wearing her first Mothers Corsage. When the bishop asks all the Mothers to stand and be recognized, I wont be wiping the tears from her eyes with my handkerchief. Instead I’ll be watching her gleaming smile as she stands with the other Mothers. This year, I wont be looking behind me during the final speaker to see who’s calming the screaming kid in the back who’s heard one too many talks, because I know it will be Ashley calming our sweet Scarlett. And it will be Scarlett. We won’t be the first one’s out the door rushing to mom’s to get the best seat at the dinner table, because we’ll be looking under the pews for the missing sock we just cant seem to locate. And you know what, i’ll look for that sock all day long if it means my wife’s happy; even if I miss Sunday dinner. Ashley’s Mother’s Day will be different this year, and she deserves it. But she’ll be the first one to tell you that all those other years led to today. She’ll be the first to tell you how the struggles make today so sweet. Ashley has always been a Mother, I know that now. We all have our callings in life, and sometimes they come at different times; but they do come.

I want to thank my Father in Heaven for blessing me with so many wonderful Mothers in my life. I truly have been blessed to be surrounded by so many strong women. They have taught me more about life than any book or institution could. Most of all, I want to thank him for my Ashley. She is the Mother of my children, and I could not ask for anyone better. I know she will love these kids more than I can comprehend. I also know she will spoil them more than I can comprehend; but I’m alright with that. If I’ve learned one thing over the years I’ve learned this;. A Mother always knows best.