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Moving Out of the Durls First Home

The last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind! As many of you know, we have been looking at builders in the area to begin the process of building our first home! As exciting as that sounds, it is a lot of hard work! We didn’t realize how much hard work actually goes into this process!

As the process began to unfold, we realized we were looking at potentially 8 months to a year before our house could be completed, and thats if we finally agree on a location! As we began to ponder this amount of time, and our current living situation, i could feel Ashley’s tension of being crowded in the smaller townhouse we had called the girls first home. 

Over the past year and a half, we’ve collected so many toys, baby furninture, bouncers, strollers, play sets, etc. that the walls of our townhouse were closing in on us faster that we knew how to react. I knew how Ashley felt, and my sentiments were the same; we needed to find a bigger space while we finish building.

As discussions took place, initially i though we could rough out the next year and save some money, but Ashley’s logic started to make more sense. As we run our business from home, our inventory was taking over our entire garage, guest room, and kitchen table. Our living room had transformed into the girls play room. Our entertainment center was now filled with their toys, and the drawers were rarely left alone in there place. The girls closets were overflowing with baby items that we haven’t parted with yet, and even our bedroom was beginning to look like an organized donation warehouse!

It was time to move from the the place we called home; the place so many first memories had been created, the place the girls first called home. The feelings were bittersweet. This was the home where we became parents for the first time. The girls sat up and walked for the first time here. They said their first words, and celebrated their first Christmas here. They transitioned from NICU babies to helthy toddlers in this home. As happy as were were to leave our cramped townhouse, we will never forget the memories that were made there with our little family.

The past two weeks became a flurry of decisions. As we found a bigger rental that was available now, we moved quickly to secure it. We packed up our home within a week, and had everything moved to the new home within a few days. Everything was moving at warp speed, and it seemed that Ashley and I were just trying to keep up!

Family and friends were tremendous help. My mom and sister manned the babies for most of the move, while Ashley’s mother helped us box and clean. My brothers and friends came and assisted with the heavy lifting, which really took a load of my shoulders! Its amazing how much you can get done in such little time with a little help! How grateful we are for the friends and family in our lives.

As the move commenced and we transitioned to our first night in the new home, we were worried how the girls would react to their new home! Initially they loved exploring the wide open spaces and new terrain that was new and exciting. The first nap in the new home was rough, and none of them slept. I imagine the excitement and new surrounding had them a little frazzled. Luckily by nights end, they were so worn out, i don’t think they had a choice but to fall asleep quickly and doze through the night; and thats exactly what they did!

A week into our new home, we’re still getting rooms put together and all of us are still adjusting to find our comfort levels and familiarity with the new home. Overall, we are very happy with the decision we made as we have so much extra room for our business, the girls play room, and just room to spread out and be able to breathe. The new surrounding has been breathe of fresh air, and Ashley and I have welcomed it with open arms. I can feel my sanity coming back to where it needs to be. 

We have found so many new parks close to our new home,  i think its going to help all of us with the transition!

We have a lot of work ahead of us, and still big decisions to be made with our permanent home in the works. We know the next few month will be busy and tiring, but we can at least do it with peace of mind that our house will be cleaned and organized, and even have room for an out of town guest, should they be brave enough to lodge at the Gardner Hotel. 

The new Bench Picture Site!

We want to thank all of you amazing followers who support us with your love. You are family to us, just as you have been from the start. We know our story isn’t as dramatic as it once was, but you’ve been here from the beginning and we feel like we know so many of you as well as you know us. We read your comments and emails, and they are welcome and appreciated. Thank you for the love and support! We hope you enjoy the years to come with us as we know we will with you! Many adventures ahead!


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