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Munchkin Projector-Baby Product I Can't Live Without

Being a first time parent I had no idea what was a necessity and what wasn’t, and being in the public eye I get so many suggestions everyday on what I need to fix this problem or that. With friends and family also put thing their opinions in I now had about 172 ideas to fix one problem….but now which one do I try first? 

Us moms sometimes just have to go with our gut instincts and do what we feel is right for our kids. Something that works for one baby may not work for another and I have 4 very different and individual babies. 

Don’t get me wrong- I love hearing what’s works for you- that’s where I get my ideas and my brain to start turning to figure out what these girls need! So keep them coming! 

So I have decided to start blogging about products that I cannot live without- I will be one of the many people giving YOU advise and you can take it with a grain of salt or take it and run with it! 

Parenting is HARD! And if we could all support each other and help one another find their solution we would live in a very happy place! 

On to my first product I cannot live without and my review! 

The Munchkin Projector-

My problem was that the girls have to share rooms. We have two nurseries and each set of twins is in their own room. Being multiples they are usually pretty good at dealing with the noise but they would wake each other up still. Another quad mama friend of mine said to try a music box. It worked for her kids and they slept through everything. So I decided to give it a try and this is what I found!    So many of you always ask ‘what is that thing playing music in the girls room?’  Or ‘What is that thing you turn on and off in the vlogs?’ 

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Well peeps, here it is and you can buy it here and ON SALE!  This little life saver is amazing for us! The girls can’t sleep without it! It has many different functions and songs and my most favorite part is the projector. It comes with 3 different slides so you can change out the picture that is being projected onto the ceiling and they store nicely in the back so nothing gets lost!  The projection with the lullaby music make it magical! I kinda want one for my room when I’m going to sleep now! Hahah         Side note: Not personally a huge fan of the ‘voice activation’ feature. When we first brought the girls home someone must have flipped it on and I didn’t even know it existed. One night in the middle of the night when I got up for a 3am feeding the girls were screaming as I was changing their diapers and it turned on by itself. I freaked out and was convinced there was a ghost in the house and for the next several nights I wouldn’t do the night shift by myself.  After the hassle of unplugging the machine every night and saying ‘No thanks ghost! I don’t need your help! I got this! GO AWAY!’ I discovered this little switch on the back! Good news is that you can just flip it to off and don’t have to use it if you scare easily like I do! Hahah   The side buttons controls the sounds and for the lullaby and Mozart button you can keep pushing it and it will change the songs.        It has a timer and volume control. Our time is always off because the girls like it to always be on. It makes it so they sleep through ANYTHING! We can vacuum and clean and watch tv as loud as we want and they just sleep very soundly.  It has a little glowing blue night light that is cute but I honestly never use cuz the girls aren’t to that stage yet. Possibly in the future. 

Great news about this is that it’s not that expensive. $22-35 is what I’ve found. Here at Walgreens I have found it the cheapest right now. They have it on sale for $22.49! Click here for link

Here is a video of how it works if you want to watch it….