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My Simple Thoughts on Fatherhood









Fatherhood has been an absolute gift for me! I couldn’t ask God for anything more rewarding or joyful. My life has changed forever being a Father and I am not the same person I was before my miracles came here. These are just a few thoughts I have on Fatherhood.






















  1. There has been nothing more spiritual for me than watching my sweet wife laying on a hospital table, giving birth to 4 of my daughters. This moment gave me a gift that continues giving to me every day. It changed who I was in a blink of an eye. It showed me that God existed, that my wife is stronger than I ever will be, that miracles exist, and that the title of Father is a sacred calling from the Almighty.
  2. God has given me a tremendous responsibility of raising these miracle daughters. How incredibly humbled I am to think about the trust my Father in Heaven has for me by blessing me with 4 sweet spirits to raise, teach, and show by example what is truly important in life.
  3. Fatherhood is not easy. Fatherhood is something that is perfected over time. How grateful I am for this knowledge. Being a first time Father can be a daunting task. Knowing that this experience is something Ashley and I will perfect together is comforting thought. Never at any other time in my life did I pay more attention to other Fathers than I do now. I also want to thank those who have been a Father Figure in my life for their incredible examples. Many of them will never know the influence they have had on me.
  4. I want my children to have the Father I never had. This thought motivates my daily actions. I want them to feel love. I want them to know that I will always be here for them no matter what their needs. I want them to know they are loved unconditionally, and that nothing in this life or the next will ever change that. I want them to know I will always be here to protect them, to provide for them, and to love them completely.         {Read the blog I wrote about my father here}
  5. As a Father, I want my children to know how much I love their Mother. My physical, emotional, and spiritual relationship with their Mother is something they will watch every day. I want them to know what is truly important in life, and loving their mother and treating her with respect is one of the most important things I can teach them about their parents relationship.
  6. Fatherhood has been an eye opening experience for me. What I mean by that is I’m seeing all the same things in life i have seen before, but now im seeing them through my children’s eyes. How incredibly different the world looks through a child’s eyes. I wish everyone could look at the world as innocently and excited as a child does. Could you imagine what we could all accomplish?
  7. Fatherhood has taught me tough lessons too. It has taught me that i am not perfect. In the same moment, it has given me something to work towards, that being the best Father I can be. Just like anything in life, being a great father is never achieved, but only perfected each day I wake up and put forth the effort.





















I can’t tell you how happy Fatherhood has made me. It has opened my heart and my eyes. It has taught me that selfless service has a reward. It has taught me that there are pure and innocent things in this life. Fatherhood has humbled me as a human. It has strengthened my spirituality and my testimony of my Father in Heaven. Fatherhood has given me a life that I never thought I deserved. Fatherhood has allowed me to relate to my Father in Heaven, and get a small glimpse as to how much he loves me. Fatherhood has made me a better husband, brother, and son. It has given me something to protect with my life, and love with all of my heart. Fatherhood is a gift from God, and I will never forget the responsibility and trust that has been bestowed upon my shoulders. Being a Father has given me a new life, and I wake up thankful and humbled every day because of this gift.


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