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The Coronavirus – Faith, Hope and Comfort

March 24, 2020

Simply amazing how something has taken the whole world’s attention in just a few months. We’ve watched so many countries reaction’s to this pandemic […]

What’s Ahead In 2020 For The Gardner Quad Squad

January 20, 2020

Wow! Its been so long since i’ve sat down in front of the computer and written a blog! Today is the day, and im […]

Christmas Minky Code Is Out!

November 15, 2019

If you’re getting your Christmas Shopping done this weekend, don’t forget to use our code GARDNER50 to get 50% off any regular priced minky, […]

First Pumpkin Patch for The Fall

October 3, 2019

Its my favorite time of the year again, and boy did it come up on us fast! Im not complaining though, and neither are […]

A Day In The Life: Morning Routine With the Quads

October 2, 2019

Ever wonder what the mornings look like around here? This vlog gives you a real insight as to what happens on a daily basis […]

Someone Gets Brave at the Pool

July 31, 2019

You guys, todays vlog was one of my favorites! First of all, our good friends the Shumways who own Rad Swim invited us over […]

Taking the Girls to their First Concert

July 12, 2019

We may have jumped the gun on this one! As many of you know, the 4th of July is Ashley’s favorite holiday! Country music […]

We Finally Put In A Pool

June 11, 2019

Just in case you missed today’s vlog, here it is for your viewing pleasure! This was was so fun to film and watch back. […]

The Playhouse Update

May 7, 2019

Its been a little while since I’ve updated on this, so I wanted to do just that and give a little sneak peek at […]

Our Love Story

April 16, 2019

People always try and figure out our love story. The truth is, they probably never will. Our love story isn’t a fairytale. It isn’t […]

Infertility Q&A’s

April 10, 2019

  Thank you all for your wonderful and heartfelt questions! Let’s get right into this! If you wanted more kids, would you have to […]

Q&A’s for March 2019

March 29, 2019

Oh its been too long since we’ve done one of these! Its time to get back on the saddle! We so enjoyed reading all […]

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