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Newest Pulse OX test results for Scarlett and Evangeline!

So we did another Pulse Ox test on Monday on Scarlett and Evangeline! The results are in!

We were really hoping that both girls would get off Oxygen and monitors today but that was not the case! We are happy to let them have it as long as they need it but I’m telling you that is sure will be nice when they are all “wireless” babies!

Scarlett was our winner today!


Today was her special day so we gave her a bath and got her all ready for her photo shoot! We took all her leads and tender grips (face stickys for the oxygen) off! We cleaned her up and got her all dressed up for her photo shoot! Doesn’t she look so pretty? If you haven’t noticed yet, Scarlett is our little diva and smiles for the camera every time it comes out! This is where she gets her new nickname ‘Star”lett! She is our little starlet!

Well she sure didn’t enjoy the whole photoshoot….her dressing room must have not been big enough! hahah

sad scarlett

I about died dressing her up as a little butterfly! She didn’t seem to enjoy it much so this was the best I got of her before I felt bad so I took it off. haha She is so sweet!!!!

butterfly scar


So, two down two to go! Evangeline and Indie will do another test on this upcoming Monday and the Doctor has very high expectations that they will both get off Oxygen then! We will find out the results on the following Wednesday again! Keep wishing us luck!