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Official photo shoot day with Loni Smith Photography!

So as you all know we did our first official photo shoot in Loni’s studio. She is located in Riverton Utah! She was so awesome to be so accommodating to our special needs! I am ridiculously over protective of these girls and I take every precaution to keep them safe and healthy! Because of my OCD-ness we waited probably longer to do them than most newborn sessions. My babies weren’t as sleepy or calm as I’m sure we all hoped they would be. They weren’t terrible because I have been blessed with some pretty sweet babies….but for them they were kinda whiney.

Loni had her awesome photographer friend Catherine there from Idaho to help out. I was so amazed at how sweet, gentle, patient and kind they were with my babies. They are true “Baby whisperers”

As you can imagine it was a challenge to keep 4 babies happy all at the same time but I so wanted these pictures to have for a lifetime! See documenting everything has been something I have done from the beginning starting with my IVF video that my friend Alicia did for me. You can watch the short version here. So I cannot stop now. I don’t have a ton of photos or videos from when I was a baby and I always wished that I had. So this is something that was important to me.

With the help of Loni, Catherine, my Mom and Tyson we took on this task and I couldn’t be happier with the photos we got. The shoot lasted about 6 hours. Mind you that was NOT 6 hours of straight shooting. We had to take a lot of breaks to keep the girls happy and fed and give them time to rest. As you can see from the pictures the girls were pretty happy babies. With the exception of Sweet Esme puking about 4 oz of formula down my Mom’s shirt! hahaha

As you can tell Loni did so amazing. Her and Catherine are truly artist to capture these priceless pictures that we will have for ever! Here are some of my favorites. I might have cried when I saw these. How did I get so blessed with the 4 most beautiful babies in the world….I’m not bias or anything 😉 But seriously these photos took my breath away and I’m not gonna lie, I cried when I saw them! Thank you so much Loni!

I am so excited that Loni has offered to do the girls first whole year of pictures so make sure you like her Facebook page so see the newest pictures as they come!

Photography by Loni Smith Photography -Utah

Assisted by Vanilla Tree Photography-Idaho


Babies in order Indie, Esme, Scarlett, Evangeline

indie esme scarlett evie