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Once upon a dream…


Indie one week old with daddys wedding ring

  After watching last nights episode of Rattled with the birth of the babies I started thinking about those times. The delivery, the stress of the NICU, the worry I had about if I was going to be able to do this once the girls came home….but also, the friends we made there and the craziness of our lives.  It’s so funny how quickly those scary times tend to fade when you’re now in the day to day of life. Those were scary times, but I don’t want to forget them. My ‘quad brain’ just seems to be on auto pilot and honestly sometimes in survival mode!   

Indie 1lb 6oz

  It had slipped my mind just how tiny they really were. How my big healthy toddlers use to be so frail and fit in my hand fighting for their lives. How we couldn’t lift their hips higher than their head when changing their diaper because it could cause a brain bleed, not being able to rub them or pat them or sing too loud to them. Just sit there still and quiet, skin to skin time with my tiny babies, my biggest (Evangeline) weighing in at only 2 lbs 10 oz.   

First time holding all 4 together

  Growing up we didn’t take a lot of pictures. It was a different time and we didn’t have a camera at our finger tips like we do now, and the fact that my mom has a real phobia about cameras, we just didn’t take many photos. 

For me, this is one thing that I knew from the beginning was so important to me. Taking pictures to preserve this memory that so quickly fades. And to give my children the gift of being able to look back in time with a photo. 

Loni Smith (our photographer) has given us one of the most amazing gifts, he talent is impeccable and her patiences is that of a saint! Not only the patience of photographing and editing photos to perfecting of 4 babies but dealing with an at times frazzled mama and an over protective papa! Haha

Many of you remember our newborn Photoshoot with Loni. She was so sweet and we waited so long till the girls were healthy to be able to go. They weren’t as ‘newborn’ as we would have liked for the positioning of the photos. They didn’t fall asleep as easily and liked to stretch out as quickly as we got them wrapped up. But we worked at it in a blazing hot studio for hours to make sure we didn’t over stimulate or wear out the girls, giving them breaks as often as they needed. And after hours of capturing the moment and hours upon hours of Loni editing here is a few of what we got that day….       


One of my favorites that we got from this shoot was the stroller pictures here…  

Newborn Photoshoot

  For their one year Photoshoot Loni had an amazing idea to recreate this photo of the girls. Because they are all MUCH bigger now we had to improvise and I LOOOOOVE the way it turned out!   

Recreating newborn photoshoot at one year photoshoot

  Just to give you a little insight to just how amazing Loni is, no one was happy in this photo besides Ezzy (purple hat). Evie, on the end was so hysterical that we got the other three by themselves, removed everyone from the photo, calmed Evie down and stood her up by herself and Loni worked her magic to put all the happiest faces together to make one great photo!  I love this photo so so much! The outfits, the hats, the setting! EVERYTHING! It’s a perfect before and after photo.  Ezzy was the happiest for this photo and when we were calming the other babies she was just sitting so nicely that Loni snapped a photo of her by herself that turned out perfect! 


Just in case you missed some of the other from their one year shoot here they are…      


To see all the amazing pictures Loni has taken for us this year like the Lifestyle shoot, 4th of July, fall family, pumpkin patch and Christmas photos check out her Facebook page and the album Gardner Quad Squad by clicking here

Thank you so much Loni for preserving these memories in time so I can go back and remember these precious times that have passed and I will never get back. This is all we have and I’m so thankful for them!


Watch todays blog post of us heading to the hospital to watch the birth episode with the hospital staff, and visit our YouTube channel to see our daily log posts by clicking here.


-Mama Bear