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One year ago today….

One year ago today I went to a routine checkup for the girls at the specialists office and they found TTTS between Indie and Esme. TTTS stands for twin to twin transfusion syndrome. It is where one twin is sending all the nutrients to the other twin and the other isn’t sending any back. Both are in extreme danger. 

We were at a stage 2 TTTS this day and by the next day when we would arrive in California we had progressed to a stage 3 TTTS and I was dialated to a 3 myself. The doctor said if I would have been one day later I would have gone into labor and lost all 4 babies. 

God had a hand in all of this. I usually saw the specialist on Thursdays and this particular week Dr. Schemmer was going to be out of town on that Thursday. He asked me if I wanted to come in the Monday before or the Monday after. Although the Monday before was in just 4 days I had a feeling inside of me that I needed to come back in 4 days. If I wouldn’t have I never would have made it to my appointment and I would have lost them all. God works in mysterious way. He know the plan and was guiding me in the right direction. If Dr. Schemmer wouldn’t have been going out of town I wouldn’t have even made it to my usual appointment on the regular Thursday. 

Always listen to your instincts. Even though it was slightly rediculas that I was going to be seen 4 days after my last appointment I just knew I needed to. Their was no sign of TTTS before and it came on that fast. 

This was one of the scariest 72 hours of our lives. I’ve never cried so much in all my life. 

I am so thankful to Dr. Schemmer for being so accommodating to my anxious heart and checking me more than needed and finding the TTTS and taking the right steps to get it taken care of.

 I’m so thankful to Dr. Chmite for performing this life saving surgery on my babies. Without his knowledge I would not have my beautiful babies or the rest of my life with them. He is such a brave man for doing what he does and I owe my life as a mother to him! Thank you for doing what you do. I know it cannot be easy at times but I am forever grateful for what you do Dr. Chmite! 

If it wasn’t for God, Faith, Science and all our incredible doctors we would not have these beautiful babies to love every single day. 

My heart is so full today

-Mama Bear