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Our Baby Gate Dilemma

As you all have noticed from my vlogs we have been using all sorts of make shift ‘baby gates’ in an attempt to keep the girls off the stairs. They are doing great at going up and down but with 4 of them buzzing around like a perpetual motion machine I’m as nervous as a Wildebeest crossing a river full of crocodiles. It’s only a matter of time before one bumps into  another and someone or all will go toppling down to the bottom. So in an attempt to postpone the inevitable, I’ve been tapping into my MacGyver bag of tricks to just keep them blocked off so no one gets hurt. (see photo below for my latest solution!)









I have purchased several different gate over the months and nothing has worked for my stairs! On the bottom of our stairs on both sides we have a baseboard. So the pressure gates I haven’t worked because they would be tight on the bottom where the base board is but it wouldn’t even touch the wall on the top. 

Our other option was to install a gate and literally drill it into the wall. We don’t own this house so I didn’t really want to put more holes in the wall that necessary. So currently we have been using everything from boxes, benches, chairs and now our ottoman from our couch. It has honestly been a nightmare. The girls have been slowing figuring out all our tricks. They are climbing over them or using their team effort to just push the things aside and squeezing past. WHY DO BABIES LOVE STAIRS SO MUCH???









My next issue is that I wanted to just go to a store and but one but it seems that so many stores do not just carry a bunch of different brands. I was so frustrated because I know I cannot be the only one having this problem. 

I was talking to my cousin and telling her that I have not yet been able to find a gate that will work for my stairs and how frustrating it has been. She told me about the gate that she used with her kids and how she was sure it would work for my stairs. It is called The EvenFlo Soft and Wide Pressure Gate. I hopped online to check it out and found it at Walmart….later I saw that it was actually cheaper at the time I bought it to go through Amazon

The next day she messaged me and said that she found her old one and I could have it if I wanted it. I decided to run over and grab it to make sure that what I ordered and was on its way was going to work. I know I will end up needing two anyway soon so I can have one at the top of my stairs too!









So here is what I found about this gate that I actually LOVE and will work with any stairs! It is a pressure gate which I liked because I didn’t want to install anything in this house. It adjusts at all 4 corners! Thats what made it work so great for us! You just turn the ends and it goes super wide or super small so it should fit most stairways or door ways. It can go from 38 inches- 60 inches!










I threw that gate up and it worked like a charm! I love that our front hall doesn’t look like a storage locker anymore and its more of a clean look. I also love that the girls aren’t figuring out new ways to get around our make shift blocks and I am reassured that they are for sure locked down stairs.

You can find this gate by clicking here and I get a bonus from amazon for telling you about it! So its a win win! That way we can buy more diapers! hahah









Happy shopping!

-The Quad Mama

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